WSPU postcard of Flora Drummond, Emmeline and Christabel Pankhurst arrested on 13 October 1908, on a charge of conduct likely to provoke a breach of the peace; from  LSE Library’s collections, 7JCC/O/02/064…


The Home Front, WHN Conference image 2014. Image courtesy Worcestershire Archive and Archaeology Service…


Eleanor Rathbone campaigning (unsuccessfully) for election as an independent candidate for East Toxteth in Liverpool in 1922; from LSE Library’s collections COLL MISC 1104…

Women's History covers

Women’s History is sent to WHN members in Spring, Summer and Autumn; digital copies are available for download.…


The Women’s Land Army in Britain during the Second World War; from the collections of The Imperial War Museum (IWM non commercial licence).…


1970s London from the series On a Good Day by Al Vandenberg; © Victoria and Albert Museum, London…


WSPU waitresses at a fund-raising event at The Women’s Exhibition in London May 1909; from LSE Library’s collections, TWL/2002/387




Millicent Garrett Fawcett addressing  an estimated 50,000 women  at a mass suffrage rally in Hyde Park on 26 July 1913; from LSE Library’s collections, 7JCC/O/01/177…

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Part 1

‘Not Just A Name On A Wall’  is a display of three panels in the Cambridge Central Library. One quote from the display is particularly instructive, demonstrating that while women were accepted – in fact, propelled – into ‘men’s jobs’ they were not exempt from pejorative commentary on the behaviour and demeanour they were expected to maintain:

“You are doing a man’s work and so you’re dressed rather like a man, but remember just because you wear a smock and breeches you should take care to behave like a British girl who expects chivalry and respect

Stansfield Grange. Home of the Triangle Mill Sisters

Ruth Beazley has generously provided the following excerpt from her book. The layout is slightly compromised in transferring the text and photos to the blog format. WHN Admin.

‘Stansfield Grange. Home of the Triangle Mill Sisters’

This book traces the history of Stansfield Grange over a period of 350 years. The adjacent Stansfield Mill undertook wool fibre processing and its impact on the village of Triangle in West Yorkshire is described. Between the 1920s and 1970s The Grange was a hostel for one hundred women mill workers and first hand accounts are given about hostel life.

The book can be

July IFRWH newsletter

ifrwhThe latest IFRWH (International Federation for Research into Women’s History) Newsletter is now available to download here:

July 2016: IFRWH-newsletter-July-2016

Call for Papers ‘For I am a woman, ignorant, weak and frail’: Feminising Death, Disability and Disease in the later Middle Ages

Call for Papers:

‘For I am a woman, ignorant, weak and frail’: Feminising Death, Disability and Disease in the later Middle Ages

International Medieval Congress University of Leeds
3rd-6th July 2017

Conference Details

The International Medieval Congress is the largest interdisciplinary medieval conference of its kind – attracting over 2,200 attendees from over 50 countries, and boasting approximately 1,700 individual papers within 580 academic sessions. Every year, the IMC chooses a special thematic strand which, for 2017, is ‘Otherness’. This focus has been chosen for its wide application across all centuries and regions and its impact on all disciplines devoted