WSPU postcard of Flora Drummond, Emmeline and Christabel Pankhurst arrested on 13 October 1908, on a charge of conduct likely to provoke a breach of the peace; from  LSE Library’s collections, 7JCC/O/02/064…


The Home Front, WHN Conference image 2014. Image courtesy Worcestershire Archive and Archaeology Service…


Eleanor Rathbone campaigning (unsuccessfully) for election as an independent candidate for East Toxteth in Liverpool in 1922; from LSE Library’s collections COLL MISC 1104…

Women's History covers

Women’s History is sent to WHN members in Spring, Summer and Autumn; digital copies are available for download.…


The Women’s Land Army in Britain during the Second World War; from the collections of The Imperial War Museum (IWM non commercial licence).…


1970s London from the series On a Good Day by Al Vandenberg; © Victoria and Albert Museum, London…


WSPU waitresses at a fund-raising event at The Women’s Exhibition in London May 1909; from LSE Library’s collections, TWL/2002/387




Millicent Garrett Fawcett addressing  an estimated 50,000 women  at a mass suffrage rally in Hyde Park on 26 July 1913; from LSE Library’s collections, 7JCC/O/01/177…

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Abstracts: Papers to be presented at the 2016 WHN Conference

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The abstracts following, by Cheryl Butler and Ali Flint, provide a ‘taste’ of the papers that will be presented at the conference. Cheryl Butler and Ali Flint’s generosity in providing the abstracts for the blog is greatly appreciated.


Cheryl Butler

Invisible/Visible: women hiding in documents

The life of Mary Janverin,1539-1608, wife, mother, innkeeper ‘a woman of good & honest conversation’  but also witchfinder, scold, recusant, harbourer of thieves & pirates and  ‘a common whore’.

Reconstructing forgotten lives from the surviving wills, court records, inventories and buildings of Tudor Southampton.


Short biography

Dr Cheryl Butler BA …



House of Lords Photo: Bing Image

House of Lords
Photo: Bing Image





A seminar series on women’s rights, action, activism and empowerment


Baroness Joyce Gould, WWAFE Patron, chairs our 2016 series: Women in the World – Making a World for Women. WWAFE – Chair Dr Jocelynne A. Scutt, Cttee Members Ahlam Akram, Dinner Event Organiser, Ian Beckerton, Treasurer & Administrator, continue WWAFE founder Elizabeth Sidney’s work with fundraising dinners, participation in UN CSW, and our House of Lords annual seminar series.


In 1861 the English House of Lords said ‘knowledge is power’, then denied women …

Why Charlotte Brontë still speaks to us – 200 years after her birth

 vanessa smith

What is it that makes generation after generation respond to Charlotte Brontë’s books, and in particular Jane Eyre?

Brontë’s novels are bildungsromane, but they differ markedly from, say, the coming of age novels of Jane Austen.

Charlotte Brontë. Evert A. Duyckinck, 1873. Courtesy of the University of Texas.

The answers to such questions are not foreshadowed, and, scandalously for many of her first readers, they privilege principles of self-knowledge and self-expression over conventional

Women and Education in the Long 18th Century Workshop

Women and Education in the Long 18th Century Workshop
Glasgow Women’s Library, September 8, 2016 (Abstracts by July 8)

Women made many valuable contributions to education in the long 18th century including, working as teachers, governesses and instructing their younger siblings. Key components of their education included the arts, particularly but not limited to music. The Women and Education in the Long 18th Century workshop aims to bring together researchers and artists who work in this broad but important subject, spanning several topics including gender history, music, theatre, dance, literature, and education. Confirmed speakers include …

The Creation of Radclyffe Hall

Gill Rossini

In July 1928, author Radclyffe Hall published her now iconic novel The Well of Loneliness.  It was a brave, some said foolhardy attempt to sway public opinion in favour of a sympathetic attitude towards homosexuality in Britain and beyond.  The viciously homophobic  editorial  in the Sunday Express  which ultimately led to the banning of the book for obscenity is well documented; Hall’s outburst in court, her flamboyant appearance, the press of largely female fans coming forward to support her and even kiss her hand at the doors of the court, and the devoted presence of Hall’s “wife”, …

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