WSPU postcard of Flora Drummond, Emmeline and Christabel Pankhurst arrested on 13 October 1908, on a charge of conduct likely to provoke a breach of the peace; from  LSE Library’s collections, 7JCC/O/02/064…


The Home Front, WHN Conference image 2014. Image courtesy Worcestershire Archive and Archaeology Service…


Eleanor Rathbone campaigning (unsuccessfully) for election as an independent candidate for East Toxteth in Liverpool in 1922; from LSE Library’s collections COLL MISC 1104…

Women's History covers

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The Women’s Land Army in Britain during the Second World War; from the collections of The Imperial War Museum (IWM non commercial licence).…


1970s London from the series On a Good Day by Al Vandenberg; © Victoria and Albert Museum, London…


WSPU waitresses at a fund-raising event at The Women’s Exhibition in London May 1909; from LSE Library’s collections, TWL/2002/387




Millicent Garrett Fawcett addressing  an estimated 50,000 women  at a mass suffrage rally in Hyde Park on 26 July 1913; from LSE Library’s collections, 7JCC/O/01/177…

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Call for participants: Women at university in the 1960s and 70s

Source: Wikipedia Commons

Source: Wikipedia Commons

Bethany White, researcher

My name is Bethany White and I am a doctoral student in History at Oxford University. My research focuses on working-class women’s experiences of university between 1965 and 1975.


I am looking for women who attended the University of Birmingham and the University of Warwick as undergraduates during this time period, who would have thought of themselves as ‘working-class’, and who would be willing to take part in an informal interview about their university and post-university experiences.


If you would be interested in participating, please e-mail me at bethany.white@history.ox.ac.uk where I can provide you

Campaign Poverty, Women’s Equality and the Right to Vote

Susan B. Anthony Photo supplied. Source: History of Women Suffrage, Vol. 1

Susan B. Anthony
Photo supplied. Source: History of Women Suffrage, Vol. 1




Bernadette Cahill will be presenting a paper at the Women’s History Network Conference. Below is the background to her paper. WHN Admin.

Bernadette Cahill © 2016
 For 144 years before American women won the vote, their lives were severely constricted. The only political tool they had to win change was the petition and even that was questioned.  They were also hamstrung by lack of money, for women had “no right to the disposition of their own earnings.”  Further, a contrived philosophy consigned them to the …

How women got involved in the Easter Rising – and why it failed them

For six days between April 24 and 29 1916, a group of about 3,000 Irish republicans occupied landmark buildings in Dublin city, until forced to surrender as a result of heavy shelling by

Women’s History Summer 2016

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Pregnacy Special Issue

  • Katarzyna Bronk on From one father to another: William Cobbett’s advice on motherhood and maternity, 5
  • Sara Read on ‘Thanksgiving after Twice Miscarrying’: Divine Will, Women, and Miscarriage in Early Modern England, 11
  • Hannah Charnock on ‘This Haunting Sadness’: Press coverage of John Corrie’s Abortion (Amendment) Bill, 1979-1980, 16
  • Chelsea Phillips on Mrs. Pickle’s mistake: the origins of an eighteenth-century satirical print, 23
  • Emma O’Toole on Dressing the expectant mother: Maternity

How far have women progressed in the UK construction industry?


Owen Goodhead, MD of Randstad Construction, Property & Engineering, which provides permanent and temporary recruitment solutions for the construction, property and engineering sectors.

The Shard London Bridge

The Shard London Bridge


It wasn’t so long ago that seeing a woman on a building site would have been a rare thing indeed. The industry was dominated almost entirely by men with women consigned to office-based or secretarial roles if they ventured into the arena at all.


The construction industry’s lack of diversity isn’t helped by the fact it has long been saddled with a poor public image. Despite lengthy positive recruitment campaigns, the …

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