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‘I would advise no woman to give up anything she has managed to win. I would advise every woman to work as she can, and gain what she can, and keep it. No woman should be made to surrender her goods or herself. A wise woman will enrich herself as if she were the equal of a man, and a good law would protect her rights, not rob her like an envious husband.’

He smiles at me, very charming, and he shakes his head. ‘You would suggest a sisterhood of queens, a sisterhood of women,’ he says. ‘You would suggest …



Edith Morley: the first female professor in Britain




Edith Morley’s 1944 memoir, Before and After, was written a few years after retiring as the first female professor at an English university. This absorbing story, now published in book form for the first time by Two Rivers Press, brings alive a very different era, one foundational to the freedoms we enjoy today.

Barbara Morris, who has edited the volume, talks here about Edith Morley and her memoir.


When in 1907 Reading University College began its quest for full university status all heads of department were promoted

How Biblical Double Standards Killed Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Run

How biblical double standards killed Hillary Clinton’s presidential run

November 11, 2016 8.54pm AEDT

Jo Henderson-Merrygold









Jo Henderson-Merrygold

PhD Candidate in Biblical Studies and Queer Theory, University of Sheffield

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Jo Henderson-Merrygold receives PhD funding from the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC), managed by the White Rose College of Arts and Humanities (WRoCAH).




Clinton: crucified by the religious right? Shutterstock

Since the news broke of Donald Trump’s election to the presidency of the United States, there has been much incredulity and analysis. How was it that someone as aberrant …

Lest we forget: women also serve in the armed forces

Reprinted from The Conversation, November 11, 2016 11.39pm AEDT



Christina Dodds

Christina Dodds

PhD researcher, Northumbria University, Newcastle

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Christina Dodds is a member of the Royal British Legion and is a member of the Queen Alexandra Royal Army Nursing Corps Association.




Army bomb disposal and search specialists after returning from a tour of duty in Afghanistan. Chris Radburn PA Archive/PA Images

On this Armistice Day, stop to remember all those that have given so much for their country over the years. Then pause and ask yourself how you picture our veterans. In your mind’s eye,

Southern States Issues, The American Civil War and its Aftermath: Heath Hardage Lee, Kate Cote Gillin and Blain Roberts

The following reviews will be published in the journal. However, because of their particular relevance, they appear in the blog as part of the WHN contribution to Black History Month.

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Kate Cote Gillin Shrill Hurrahs Women, Gender, and Racial Violence in South Carolina, 1865-1900, South Carolina: University of South Carolina Press, 2013. US$39.95, 978-1-61117-294-1 (hardcover), pp.171

Blain Roberts Pageants, Parlors, & Pretty Women Race and Beauty in the Twentieth Century South, North Carolina: University of