WSPU postcard of Flora Drummond, Emmeline and Christabel Pankhurst arrested on 13 October 1908, on a charge of conduct likely to provoke a breach of the peace; from  LSE Library’s collections, 7JCC/O/02/064…

The Home Front, WHN Conference image 2014. Image courtesy Worcestershire Archive and Archaeology Service…

Eleanor Rathbone campaigning (unsuccessfully) for election as an independent candidate for East Toxteth in Liverpool in 1922; from LSE Library’s collections COLL MISC 1104…

Women’s History is sent to WHN members in Spring, Summer and Autumn; digital copies are available for download.…

The Women’s Land Army in Britain during the Second World War; from the collections of The Imperial War Museum (IWM non commercial licence).…

1970s London from the series On a Good Day by Al Vandenberg; © Victoria and Albert Museum, London…

WSPU waitresses at a fund-raising event at The Women’s Exhibition in London May 1909; from LSE Library’s collections, TWL/2002/387



Millicent Garrett Fawcett addressing  an estimated 50,000 women  at a mass suffrage rally in Hyde Park on 26 July 1913; from LSE Library’s collections, 7JCC/O/01/177…

Small Grants Scheme (UK)

The Women’s History Network is offering a small grant of £1,000 (this grant replaces the previous grant scheme of £500) to facilitate a one day conference on women’s history organised by teaching or research staff in universities or other institutions of higher education in the UK, or by staff in FE Colleges, Museums or Heritage Sites in collaboration with anyone such institution.  The grant may be used in collaboration with other awards.  To be eligible to enter, the lead organiser/s must be members of the Women’s History Network at the time of application and at the time the activity is …


Janet, 1895
Photo supplied by Denis Blight

Denis Blight


In 1901 a young parlour maid, Janet Loaring, stepped on Board the S.S. Perthshire to travel to Australia from Dorset in the United Kingdom with 43 other young, single women, escorted by a matron. In the Upstairs/Downstairs society of Victorian England, like her fellow travellers, she was definitely from the lower floors: her father a domestic gardener who died in six months earlier in 1900, her mother a dressmaker. Her eldest brother had emigrated in 1886, which was some comfort as she waved goodbye to her mother.

Janet’s diary of …

Celebrating a landmark edition: Francoise de Graffigny’s letters

The following is reproduced from the Voltaire Foundation (University of Oxford)  site with the permission of Pippa Faucheux.  It follows the completion of a 40-year project publish the critical edition of Mme de Graffigny’s correspondence which was completed in 2016.  WHN Admin.



Portrait de Mme de Graffigny par Pierre-Augustin Clavareau, Lunéville, Musée du château, inv.2011.2.1, cliché T. Franz: Conseil général de Meurthe-et-Moselle



Celebrating the completion of this landmark edition

Françoise de Graffigny (1695-1758), French novelist and playwright whose talent was celebrated all over Europe after the publication of her novel Lettres d’une Péruvienne (1747), and her play Cénie (1750), knew

A Warrior of the People

A Warrior of the People (2016) St Martin’s Press New York.  

Joe Starita


Although a dedicated kindle reader, I picked up this biography and immediately felt the pleasure of holding a well published book. This one is comfortable to hold, the print is easy to read and although it feels physically light it is a substantial creation. The content met the expectations I formed on reading the back-cover blurb, information about the detailed recognition of the collaborative nature of the work and the dedication: ‘For all the women warriors —-past, present, and future.


A Warrior of the People

Women’s Workwear Styles: surviving the Past 100 Years

Thank you to  Carolyn Greenwood from Aspinall London provided the following text and media.


Women’s Workwear Styles:  Surviving the Past 100 Years

From the androgynous waistlines of the twenties all the way up to Ally McBeal’s microminis, the history of women’s workwear gives us a unique perspective on the events of the twentieth century as well as the changing role of women.


Which iconic styles have stood the test of time?




  • Women were given the vote and afforded the same political rights as men and won some educational and professional improvements.
  • Women ditched the corset, embracing

Meeting on Women in the History of Natural Sciences

The Society for the History of Natural History will hold a conference on Women in the History of Natural Sciences on 15th and 16th June 2017 on the Ambleside campus of the University of Cumbria and the Freshwater Biological Association, Far Sawrey. Further information is available, together with registration information and an outline programme at

This event will focus on the lesser know women in the history of natural sciences, whether as virtuosi amateurs or pioneering professionals.