Community History Prize

2016 Community History Prize Winner

The Community History Prize was shared in 2016 between a project undertaken by  West Dunbartonshire Women’s History Group working with Glasgow Women’s Library entitled Women Making History in West Dunbartonshire, and a project undertaken by Pupils from Greenhill school, with Narberth Museum entitled Wicked Welsh Women.

W2016 Community Prize West Dunbartonshire Women's History Group Exhibitionest Dunbartonshire Women’s History Group’s project brought women together through workshops and events to research, document, preserve and celebrate West Dunbartonshire women’s social experiences during the 1950s and 60s. Their aim was to develop accessible community reminiscence and educational resources on local women’s history for local groups, schools and the wider general public.




2016 Community History Prize Narberth Wicked WomenPupils from Greenhill school working with Narberth Museum, curated an exhibition to highlight the diverse lives of historic local women in an exhibition entitled Wicked Welsh Women. They felt female experience, particularly within their rural demographic, is often underrepresented. As such, the teenagers presented research from a uniquely 21st Century perspective, creating Facebook-style profile pages for each subject.