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25th May 2022 WHN Seminar: Medieval Women’s History

25th May 2022 with Genevieve Caulfield and Dr Katherine Weikert, a duet focusing on Medieval Women’s History

Join us for this duet focusing on the Medieval in our Summer Series, featuring PhD Candidate Genevieve Caulfield, with the paper titled: ‘”Styles of Seeing and Constructing Female Sanctity in the Late Middle Ages’ and Dr Katherine Weikert with the paper titled: ‘Translating Between the Lines: Sexual Assault in Writing Medieval Warfare’

This seminar will take place on Wednesday 25th May 2022 at 4pm (GMT)

Register for your place on the Zoom webinar here!


‘Styles of Seeing and Constructing Female Sanctity in the Late Middle Ages’.

Historians of late medieval female sainthood have long argued that claiming visionary experiences was a potent means for a late medieval woman to assert her holiness. I nuance this by arguing that vision was also a flexible tool for would-be saints: different ways of talking about seeing could contribute to constructing strikingly different models of sainthood. Crucially, these models needed not be gendered, and multiple were accessible to female saints and their supporters. I illustrate this argument through analysing a selection of episodes of seeing from the Latin Vitae and official canonisation processes of two female visionaries: the Prussian Dorothea of Montau (d. 1394) and the Italian Angela of Foligno (d. 1309).

About the Speaker:


Genevieve Caulfield (she/her) is a PhD candidate in the UCL Department of History, supervised by Professor John Sabapathy. Her doctoral research examines the issue of visual credibility in late medieval Christendom (c. 1200—c. 1450). Thanks to her Master’s training in the History and Philosophy of Science and Medicine, Genevieve is broadly interested in interdisciplinary approaches to history. Her thesis thus draws on an integrated approach to the history and philosophy of science, as well as the history of art and the history of religion


‘Translating Between the Lines: Sexual Assault in Writing Medieval Warfare’.

About the Speaker:

Dr Katherine Weikert is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Winchester where she was also the 2018-2019 University Early Career Research Fellow. Her research interests lie in Early medieval European History with a particular focus on Gender and Authority alongside space, buildings and society. She has published in various areas of Anglo-Norman and early English history, with the latest publications being ‘More than Material: Inventories as a Signal of Distress at Ely in the Post-Conquest Period,’ in Laura Cleaver and Kathryn Geary (eds), Lost Medieval Materiality (Boydell, May 2022).

Register for your place on the Zoom webinar here.

We do have a limit of 100 attendees, but you can also view the livestream of the seminar on the Women’s History Network Facebook page (available for 24 hours).

Don’t miss out on this duet seminar!

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