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27th May 2023: Local and Community History Month – Grabbing Back Project

Sign-ups are open for our special seminar in honour of Local and Community History Month in the UK!

We’ve invited the Director and Editor of the Grabbing Back Project, Graciela Madrid and Katie Moody, to tell us all about their work making feminist theory and practice more accessible and relatable.

Saturday, 27 May 2023, at 12pm BST/GMT+1

Sign up on Zoom here for a place at our online-only seminar.

About the Talk

Grabbing Back is an online collective of intersectional feminists. Their work primarily involves creating resources which aim at making feminist theory accessible and easy to understand. In this presentation, they will discuss their work, the motivations and theory behind the project, and their future plans. They then will present some of the content from their latest season, focussing on the topic, “The Roots of Intersectionality”.

About Grabbing Back and our Speakers

Grabbing Back is a digital collective of intersectional feminists. We publish podcasts, articles, and dictionary definitions with the aim of making feminist theory easier to access and understand. We have been active since 2020, when Cyara founded the organisation. Since then our team has expanded, with feminists participating in Glasgow, London and Brighton.

Graciela Madrid is the Director at Grabbing Back. She is a feminist sociologist currently working at the University of Sussex. She has been involved in gender projects in Latin America since 2016.

Katie Moody is the Editor at Grabbing Back. She is currently studying a master’s in philosophy at the University of Edinburgh.

Sign up now for a place in our Zoom webinar.

The seminar will also be livestreamed on Facebook and available for 24 hours.

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