The Women’s History Network is a national association and charity for the promotion of women’s history and the encouragement of everyone interested in women’s history.

Following our establishment in 1991 we have grown year by year and today we are a UK national charity with members including working historians, researchers, independent scholars, teachers, librarians, and many other individuals both within academia and beyond. Indeed, the network reaches out to anyone from any background who shares a passion for women’s history.

The WHN is controlled by its members who elect a national steering committee who manage our activities and business.

What do we do?


The WHN provides members with two publications: Women’s History is published three times a year; it is a peer-reviewed journal which carries four or more articles together with book reviews, prize details and WHN news. Members also received a monthly WHN e-newsletter with updates on conferences, events, exhibitions and offers connected with women’s history.


The annual WHN conference, which is held each September, is a highlight for most of our members. It is known for being a very friendly and welcoming event, providing an exciting forum where people from the UK and beyond can meet and share research and interests. Each year well known historians are invited as plenary speakers and bursaries are offered to enable postgraduate students or those on a low income to attend.


Of course, talking to each other is essential to the work and culture of the Women’s History Network. We run a members’ email list and try to provide support for members or groups who organise local conferences or other events connected to women’s history that bring people together.

Who manages the network?

The Women’s History Network is run by an elected steering committee. Members of the committee serve for a maximum of four years and all WHN members are eligible for election; elections take place at the annual conference in September. Note committee members should ordinarily reside in the UK.

Meetings of the steering committee take place at the University of London, Malet Street. All members of the network are welcome to attend meetings; for information email chair@womenshistorynetwork.org

Equality and Diversity Statement

Women’s History Network (WHN) is an international association and forum for anyone with a passion for women’s history. Based in the UK, we welcome members and supporters from around the world who are interested in women’s lives and experiences in all periods and places. 

WHN follows the Equality Act (2010) and has a broad definition of diversity.  We do not tolerate discrimination towards anyone of a protected or shared characteristic. This includes for example: anti-Semitism, homophobia, racism, sexism, transphobia, as well as discriminatory language or behaviour based on age, disability, ethnicity, gender nonconformity, marriage and civil partnership, nationality, pregnancy and parenthood, religion and belief, or socioeconomic status. 

Our commitment to inclusivity goes beyond our legal obligations; for not only will our members and participants be safe from discrimination but will feel valued, welcomed and included. We are particularly keen to promote and amplify the voices of those who may not always be heard, and actively welcome ideas and submissions for the blog or journal, to speak at a seminar, present a paper, or organise an event on marginalised histories and groups. We would also be delighted to hear from those who would like to get involved in the network’s committee.

Together, we will continue to build an inclusive network – so we can celebrate all women’s histories.