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The WHN blog is designed to advertise new research in the field of history to a general audience, to encourage research and enjoyment of women’s history, and to bring to public attention the histories of the numerous women whose contributions to society have been thus far ignored. It is run by the Women’s History Network- for more information on WHN visit our homepage. During March to celebrate Women’s History Month, the blog will feature a story about an individual woman, an important event in women’s history, or an interesting source every day. We blog more moderately during the rest of the year. Contributions to the blog come from a variety of women’s historians and submissions are welcome.

The blog is currently administered by Robin Joyce, a committee member of the Women’s History Network.

Guidelines for Submission

The average blog post should be at an absolute MAXIMUM of 1000 words (as studies show people stop reading at this point- the internet is a fickle thing), but can be shorter. Really, they need only be as long as it takes to say something interesting. Ideas for blog posts include:

A short biography of a woman of interest (or who represents a field of interest)

A short post about an event or topic of interest to women’s history

A transcript of a short source on women or women’s history, with a few lines explaining where it came from

A taster for your latest book in the field of women’s history- not a book review so much as a story or example that your book illuminates that will draw readers to your work. We will in turn put a link to your book on Amazon or some other relevant site.

If you would like to submit please send an email to: blog at

Why should you do this? This is an opportunity to draw people to the WHN website, to encourage new members, and, in our IMPACT orientated world, to get your research out to a wider public. If you include your research (or that of others) under a further reading section at the bottom, then we will link to where it can be purchased- please do not include more than a couple of works. If you are going to be speaking or plugging your book, we could include a short advert with your post. If you represent an archive, give us a transcript of a source that reflects your collection and we will direct readers to your archive.

If you want to get involved and contribute a post, please let me know the topic of your post, and if it ties in with a particular day of the year.  While I will read posts for typos, they will generally be posted as sent so please make sure you are happy with the quality. Please also include two lines about yourself for the website, i.e. Katie Barclay is a researcher at Queen’s University, Belfast. Her first book Love, Intimacy and Power: Marriage and Patriarchy in Scotland, 1650-1850 can be ordered now on Amazon. (This could also be more casual or relevant to a post, so: She enjoys abstract expressionism and believes that women’s art is under-valued. Or on a post about women’s knitting- She enjoys woolly jumpers but doesn’t know one needle from another.)

Comments on Posts

To comment on posts, you must be a WHN member and have logged in.  To become a member, please click here.

We encourage comments and want this blog to be a space where members can discuss women’s history and share ideas, sources and thoughts.

Comments should be polite and relevant to the post in question. No sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, classist,  or ablist comments; no comments which make personal attacks on any blogger or commenter, or comments that are otherwise offensive. The blog administrator decides what is offensive and/ or relevant to the post. While comments are not moderated before posting, comments that fall foul of the commenting policy will be deleted. Repeat offenders will be excluded from the network.

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