Book Prize

Book Prize Winner 2008

Book Prize winner 2008
Lucy Delap receiving her prize from Gerry Holloway at the 2008 Annual Conference in Glasgow

This year, 10 books were submitted for the £500 Women’s History Network (UK) Book Prize and the field was particularly strong. The winner, announced at the annual WHN conference in Glasgow, is Lucy Delap for her book The Feminist Avant-Garde: Transatlantic Encounters of the Early Twentieth Century (Cambridge University Press, 2007). The judges were particularly impressed with the high level of scholarship of this book which nonetheless, remains accessible to the non-specialist. The book focuses on one branch of feminism in the early twentieth century, epitomised in the journal The Freewoman, edited by Dora Marsden. In particular, Delap explores the political ideas of the avant garde within the wider preoccupations of the period, were emphasising transatlantic influences and exchanges. Overall, it was felt that The Feminist Avant-Garde disrupts traditional narratives about early twentieth-century feminism, raising many intriguing questions for future debate and analysis.