Calls for Papers

Call For Papers: Women of the Far Right (November 9 2019)

The University of Worcester’s annual Women’s History Conference seeks papers for this year’s event under the heading of: ‘Women of the Far Right’.  Send an abstract of 300 words to Dr Wendy Toon by 31 August 2019. 

During the twentieth century the image of the far right has largely been dominated by men, and linked inseparably with personality traits which tended to fall under the stereotype of masculinity. Traits such as bravado, confidence and aggressiveness were writ large by Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini. However, to reduce the far right movement to this handful of men grossly underestimates the durability and power that the far right has had in shaping the modern world as it exists today, and the role played by women. This is not a movement limited to men, a certain age group, nationality, or race.

Today the far right is on the rise across the globe and existing publications on this phenomena rarely consider the extent to which women are involved. Therefore we invite you to submit a paper based on your current research in the field of ‘Women of the Far Right’.  We welcome submissions regarding any country.

The keynote address entitled ‘Women Blackshirts and the Grey Area of “Peace” Politics in Britain, 1938-1942’ will be delivered by Prof. Julie Gottlieb, University of Sheffield.

The Conference is organised by: The Women’s History Network, Midlands Region.  Twitter: @WHN_WM