Women’s Unpaid Work

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Women’s unpaid work must be included in GDP calculations: lessons from history

June 20, 2018 10.45pm AEST




  1. Luke Messac, MD, PhD

University of Pennsylvania

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It’s been nearly 80 years since British economists James Meade and Richard Stone devised a method of …



WWAFE 2018 House of Commons seminar series – 100 years of (some) women’s suffrage


How did we get there, what have we done since & what does it mean today – A seminar series on women’s rights, challenges, perspectives, hopes and empowerment

Fiona Onasanya, MP, WWAFE Patron, chairs our 2018 series: 100 Years of (Some) Women’s Suffrage. Chair Dr Jocelynne A. Scutt, Cttee Members Ahlam Akram, Kim Bacchus, Anita Maxatazo and Dr Robin Joyce continue WWAFE founder Elizabeth Sidney’s work and thank Baroness Joyce Gould for her magnificent patronage and chairing of WWAFE House of Lords seminars from

Abstracts from the forthcoming WHN Conference

Unfortunately information about the publication of abstracts in the advertisement that I posted about the Women’s History Network Conference has had to be changed.

Publication of abstracts will not take place this year because of concerns about the new privacy conditions. Although no abstract was published in the past without permission from the author, gaining that permission necessitated the Blog Administrator having access to emails. This is no longer possible.

I shall publish the abstract from my proposed presentation closer to the conference. If anyone else would like to do so, could you approach me through the blog address.

I …

Feeling the Pressure? Financial Stressors Affecting Women Today & Throughout History

Jennifer Heskey

Jennifer Heskey has written this introduction and guide looking at financial stress throughout women’s history and for senior women today.


For decades, it has been a national trend for women to be more stressed than men. While many people might assume that women’s heightened stress levels stem from their familial responsibilities, it’s actually the relational and socioeconomic context of women’s lives that make day-to-day living more taxing. Still, in 2018, there is gender inequality with women earning less than men and having fewer health benefits and access to financial resources even though there is a large number of


A recent novel I read, ‘The Wife’, by Meg Wolitzer, reminded me of this 2015 article. This post will be published in two parts. Part 1 is the excellent article by Marion Wynne-Davies which appears below. Part 2 will comprise a review of the novel. Robin Joyce

 Part 1

Women still need to fight for publishing deals and book prizes


June 5, 2015 3.12pm AEST




1. Marion Wynne-Davies
Professor of English Literature, University of Surrey
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