Women in the Service Industries in Southern Africa since 1900 – Dr Andrew Cohen & Dr Rory Pilossof

Women in the Service Industries in Southern Africa since 1900.

Andrew Cohen (University of Kent) and Rory Pilossof (University of the Free State)

There is a rich and well-developed historiography on work and labour in southern Africa. The colonial occupation of the region gave rise to new forms of work and social arrangements that have been well documented. The two most notable arenas of work were on the mines and white owned commercial farms that came into being under colonial rule. These two sectors dominate the historiography on work and labour, in both colonial and post-colonial studies. In addition, there …


Part 2

Women and writing

Robin Joyce


The Wife by Meg Wolitzer

Review with no spoilers, originally published on Good Reads.

Robin Joyce

The Wife is an excellent novel with which to assess one’s own moral compass. As a feminist, I appreciate the way in which the stark differences between the acceptance of male writers’ behaviour and successes and the few accolades associated with women’s writing are drawn. Some of the development and description of the characters, women and men, is quite cruel – deservedly so. In particular, male writers are shown as inflated egos with a penchant for …

Riding History: 3 Women Who Changed the Face of Motorcycling



The paragraphs below introduce an article that appears in full at Riding History: 3 Women Who Changed the Face of Motorcycling.

Thank you to Terence Gordon, Editor of the Consumers Advocate, who sent the information and approved publication of the introductory paragraphs for the WHN blog. The article in full makes interesting reading, and there are additional photographs, which are excellent reminders of women’s motorcycling activities

Riding History: 3 Women Who Changed the Face of Motorcycling


Jim Trumm Jun 25, 2018


Take a minute and picture a motorcyclist.
Maybe you conjured a long-haired outlaw like Jax …




Sir Laurence Olivier and Merle Oberon in the 1939 film Wuthering Heights. WikimediaThough she is famed as one of England’s greatest writers, Emily Brontë – whose

Feeling the Pressure? Financial Stressors Affecting Women Today & Throughout History

Jennifer Heskey

Jennifer Heskey has written this introduction and guide looking at financial stress throughout women’s history and for senior women today.


For decades, it has been a national trend for women to be more stressed than men. While many people might assume that women’s heightened stress levels stem from their familial responsibilities, it’s actually the relational and socioeconomic context of women’s lives that make day-to-day living more taxing. Still, in 2018, there is gender inequality with women earning less than men and having fewer health benefits and access to financial resources even though there is a large number of