Feeling the Pressure? Financial Stressors Affecting Women Today & Throughout History

Jennifer Heskey

Jennifer Heskey has written this introduction and guide looking at financial stress throughout women’s history and for senior women today.


For decades, it has been a national trend for women to be more stressed than men. While many people might assume that women’s heightened stress levels stem from their familial responsibilities, it’s actually the relational and socioeconomic context of women’s lives that make day-to-day living more taxing. Still, in 2018, there is gender inequality with women earning less than men and having fewer health benefits and access to financial resources even though there is a large number of


Jo Stanley

Feminism and Museums Live!

Museums need feminism, not just women, in their collections and engagement activities. Displaying  lots of Queen Victoria and Mrs T artefacts, then having Teresa May cut that pink ribbon while sporting her ‘This is what a feminist looks like’ T-shirt simply won’t change the world. Guerilla Girl artist-activists might.

WHN members considering what they might do with their research findings might be interested in this message from Dr Jenna C Ashton. She was speaking at the Feminism and Museums Live! event on Saturday 24 March at the People’s History Museum. It was part of …

Women also use drugs – not that you can tell from drug policy

November 28, 2017 12.30am AEDT

Ian Hamilton and Niamh Eastwood


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Call for papers for the Yearbook of Women’s History (2018) [graag verspreiden / please distribute]


Building bodies: Gendered Sport and Transnational Movements

Guest editor: Marjet Derks


About the Yearbook

The Yearbook of Women’s History is a peer-reviewed academic annual covering all aspects of gender connected with historical research throughout the world. It has a respectable history in itself, reporting on issues concerning women and gender for 35 years. The Yearbook has addressed topics such as women and crime, women and war, and gender, ethnicity and (post)colonialism. Over …