Women’s History

Abstracts from presentations to be given at the 2017 WHN Conference

Geraldine Perriam


Women and the Wider World – Paper Proposal

From London Docks to Leningrad: The Provincial Lady travels to Russia



E.M. Delafield is best known for her fiction, particularly the Diary of a Provincial Lady series.  In 1937, Delafield published a work of non-fiction: Straw Without Bricks (Macmillan, London), an account of her travels to, and in, the newly-formed USSR and her work in a commune, among other things.  Delafield’s alter ego, the Provincial Lady, wrote primarily about domestic life in a rural community.  Despite having some mobility, the Provincial Lady was essentially a character embedded in domestic life.

Abstracts from the papers to be presented at the 2017 WHN Conference

Some abstracts from the papers to be presented at the 2017 WHN Conference appear below. Further abstracts will be posted.



Carol Coles 

Independent researcher

What Hilda did next


In this paper I will be considering the post War lives of the women who served with the Stobart Unit between April and December 1915, for many of whom this was only one period of their War Service. What did the end of the War mean for these women who had developed and enhanced their professional skills in the remote regions of southern and eastern Europe ? The increasing

Women’s Work: The Book of Etiquette by Lady Troubridge

1940s typist
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This excerpt is from  The Book of Etiquette by Lady Troubridge (1948, First published 1926) The World’sWork (1913) Ltd, Kingswood, Surrey.

Has enough changed?


Chapter xxiv

The Business Woman The Modern Woman


There was a time not very long ago when women’s interests were confined chiefly to the home. For a woman to be actively engaged in some business or profession meant one of two things, either she was an old maid or she was a queer, but to-day woman is a citizen and she may choose to use here talents and capabilities in …

Conference Report: Historians of Women Religious of Britain and Ireland (H-WRBI) 2017 Annual Conference



Bridget Harrison and Alison More

The annual History of Women Religious of Britain and Ireland conference was organised by the H-WRBI (historyofwomenreligious.org) and was held at University College, Dublin over the 8th and 9th of June 2017. Day one of the conference boasted a wide array of panels organised thematically. A  Papers covered several historical eras, from the medieval period to the recent past.   Questions were taken immediately after each paper, enabling audience members to travel between concurrent panels.   After a short introduction …

Women’s Organisation in Western Australia in the 1890s

Robin Joyce

 Part 1



We are enthroned in the hearts of men; that is why men use us and pay us half the wages, but we don’t want to be enthroned in men’s hearts under these conditions.


A woman speaking in the 2000s?

It is Jean Beadle, Labor activist speaking in 1909.

The only reason we know it is not a feminist in 2000 is because of the phraseology. However, these sentiments enunciated by Jean Beadle in 1909 still resonate. Their history lies in the organisation of women in Western Australia in the 1890s in fighting for the vote …