How Women Build Call for papers

How Women Build

A two-day conference, Wikithon Event and Exhibition at the Manchester School of Architecture – 26-27thJune 2020

Supported by the Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art and the Women’s History Network

Keynote Speakers:  Dr Elizabeth Darling (editor of ‘Suffragette City’ (together with Nathaniel Robert Walker, Routledge, 2019)and Dr Sonja Dümpelmann (editor of ‘Women, Modernity and Landscape Architecture’ (together with John Beardsley; Routledge, 2015)and author of the biography of Maria Theresa Parpagliolo Shephard (Weimar: WDG, 2004)

Call for papers

This two-day conference at the Manchester School of Architecture will …

CFP: The ‘Madwoman’ and the Institution: Interrogating the Experience of Female Insanity in the Long Nineteenth Century – 1 April 2020

This conference aims to reconfigure our understanding of the ‘madwoman’ in England’s long nineteenth century, asking key questions about the diagnosis, treatment, care and representation of women perceived as ‘insane’.

This period saw the institutionalization of large swathes of the population, including those considered mentally ill. Simultaneously, medical advancements and increased interest in mental illness saw a specific focus on conditions often typified as ‘female’, with disorders attributed to their reproductive organs and bodies. Places of treatment and care – such as public asylums, private madhouses, workhouses or prisons – were typically patriarchal institutions, run by males, with women diagnosed …

Wives, Widows and Carers

Call for Papers

Wives, Widows and Carers

Saturday 28 March

at St Giles Hospice, Fisherwick Rd, Whittington, Lichfield WS14 9LH

This conference is organised by The Women’s History Network: Midlands Region

Women in all societies across all historical periods have been defined by their roles as wives, widows or carers.  Such roles, although ubiquitous, are not always well recorded or discussed in mainstream history.  This conference therefore seeks to both recover the histories of such women and to think critically about what these roles mean for women.

Are such roles a source of power, pain or pleasure?

How have individual …

CFP: Gender Based Approaches to the Law and Juris Dictio in Europe

JUNE 19-20, 2019

The Department of Law of the University of Pisa hosts a two-days international workshop on Gender based approaches to the law and juris dictio in the European Union on June 19-20, in Pisa (Italy), within the frame of the European Law & Gender Jean Monnet Module (ELaN).
Young scholars are invited to submit original proposals concerning the interplay of E.U. law and national laws and, conversely, how national patterns to equality but also persisting conditions of …

2019 WHN Conference Report: ‘Professional Women: the public, the private, and the political’

Women’s History Network Annual Conference
LSE Library
6-7 September 2019

In acknowledgement of the centenary of the Sex Disqualification (Removal) Act (SD(R)A), the Women’s History Network (WHN) held a two-day conference at the London School of Economics Library on Friday 6 – Saturday 7 September 2019 entitled ‘Professional Women: the public, the private, and the political’. It was organised by Dr Gillian Murphy, Curator for Equality, Rights and Citizenship at LSE Library and Dr Judith Bourne, Dr Caroline Derry, and Dr Kate Murphy from the WHN.

In total, the conference was attended by 130 delegates, of which, seventy-three were speakers, …