Women of the Far Right (November 9 2019)

Women’s History Network, Midlands Region can confirm papers by national and international speakers on: Women Blackshirts; Gabriela Balicka; We, the Mothers Mobilize for America; Women’s roles in the Greater British Movement/National Front’s Spearhead and Right Wing Women’s Mobilization in Colonial Western India. Booking information, available soon!

Twitter: @WHN_WM…

Gender Religion and Power Conference – Register now!

We are delighted to announce that the registration for our upcoming conference: Gender, Religion and Power is now open. This conference, run by The Bedford Centre, Royal Holloway University, will take place at Senate House on Saturday, 21st September.

Both religion and power are salient research subjects within gender and women’s history. These subjects have particularly attracted recent attention in discussions of hegemonic structures, as researchers have evaluated the effectiveness of using power as a means to evaluate relationships between and amongst men and women. Understandings of patriarchy, and its multitudinous nature have arisen. These two topics have also inspired …

CfP: Gender and Violence in the Early Modern World – History Faculty, University of Cambridge

This conference, kindly sponsored by the Women’s History Network, aims to bring together postgraduate, early career and leading scholars whose research considers the themes of gender and violence in the early modern world.

It is concerned with aspects of early modern history and literature including, but not limited to:

  • domestic and sexual violence
  • religious violence
  • crime and punishment
  • warfare and martial violence
  • colonial violence
  • riots and parochial disputes

We are designing this conference to build both conceptual bridges between topics of gender and violence, and practical ones between their respective research communities. By asking how gender governs representations, experiences, and …

Women and Confraternities: The Hidden Voices of Renaissance Piety and Charity


(Deadline: 12 August 2019)



Women and Confraternities: The Hidden Voices of Renaissance Piety and Charity


Renaissance Society of America Annual Meeting
Philadelphia, 2-4 April 2020



This panel aims to amplify the hidden voices of women who were members of lay confraternities or females who found themselves in the ambit of these charitable associations. Accordingly, scholars who are interested in confraternity studies, gender studies, hidden histories, history from below and exploring social, ethnic and sexual marginalization are sought to participate.


Papers might focus on, but are not limited to the following topics:…

Call For Papers: Women of the Far Right (November 9 2019)

The University of Worcester’s annual Women’s History Conference seeks papers for this year’s event under the heading of: ‘Women of the Far Right’.  Send an abstract of 300 words to Dr Wendy Toon by 31 August 2019. 

During the twentieth century the image of the far right has largely been dominated by men, and linked inseparably with personality traits which tended to fall under the stereotype of masculinity. Traits such as bravado, confidence and aggressiveness were writ large by Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini. However, to reduce the far right movement to this handful of men grossly underestimates the durability