Book Announcements

Women in International Exhibitions 1876-1937, Routledge 2017, by Myriam Boussahba-Bravard & Rebecca Rogers (ed.)

Myriam Boussahba-Bravard & Rebecca Rogers (ed.), Women in International and Universal Exhibitions, 1876-1937, New York, Routledge, 2018: ISBN 9781138636057 ( hardcopy)  ISBN 9781315196534 (electronic version)

This book argues for the importance of bringing women and gender more directly into the dynamic field of exposition studies. Reclaiming women for the history of world fairs (1876-1937) it also seeks to introduce new voices into these studies dialoguing across disciplinary and national historiographies. From the outset, women participated, as artists, writers, educators, artisans or workers, and of course spectators without figuring among the organizers of international exhibitions until the 20th century. Their …

Women’s naval lives

Women and the Royal Navy (IB Tauris/NMRN) by Jo Stanley. Out Nov 2017. Focused on gender, mobility, and the long struggle for equal rights to sail and be combatant, this is a new approach to naval historiography. It shows all navl women, including doctors and camouflaged ‘boys’. What’s more it’s accessible – a trade book with 92 pictures including some very telling cartoons.
What it’s not: a  chronicle of an institutional events; the standard summary of QA naval nurses and Wrens; un-analysed jolly hockeysticks tales.


Anna Seward’s Journal and Sermons

Anna Seward’s Journal and Sermons (Cambridge Scholars, 2017)

This is the full text of Anna Seward’s juvenile journal which is written in the form of a series of letters to an imaginary friend, “Emma”. Seward intended the letters to be an autobiographical account of the period of her youth from 1762-8 before she achieved fame as a published poet. Towards the end of her life, Seward had collated all her poetic works, the letter-journal, four sermons, a dissertation and some of her father’s and her friends’ poems for posthumous publication, bequeathing the manuscripts to Walter Scott. As much as the …

Book announcement

My book, The WRNS in Wartime is being published by I B Tauris in October 2017. A transformed version of my PhD, completed within KCL’s War Studies department, it traces the origins of this significant women’s military auxiliary. The book explores why the service was created, disbanded at the end of the First World War and then reformed at the beginning of the Second World War. Combining personal testimony and the political, military and cultural contexts it seeks to place the WRNS within the wider scene of the two world wars and highlight its variation to the other women’s services.…

Women’s history as seafarers!

Yes, women are now the captain of ships as big as towns. Progress – but oh so patchy, since the days when you had to camouflage yourself as a boy in order to gain the searoving life.

Link to the publisher:

Link to book’s own facebook page: This is a great new way for oral history-based books to have a new life. Seawomen who want to tell their stories and share their pix can simply post them here. It augments the book. And it’s a great way to include people for whom the book had no space, or …