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New Book – Anti-Fascism, Gender, and International Communism: The Comité Mondial Des Femmes Contre la Guerre Et Le Fascisme, 1934-1941

Anti-Fascism, Gender, and International Communism provides a comprehensive history of the Comite mondial des femmes contre la guerre et le fascisme (CMF), an international women’s organisation concerned with confronting the impact of fascism on women and children across the globe. Women played an…

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Call for Papers: Women, Money and Markets (1600-1950) – Sheffield Hallam University 12-14 June 2023

This annually-held conference addresses the role of women in consumerism, shopping, global trade, domestic trade, markets (literary and otherwise), currency, and varying practices of exchange. The conference is interdisciplinary in nature, bridging literature, material culture, gender studies, theatre and economic…

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