CfP for a Panel on Women’s History and Business History

From 29 to 31 August 2019 the Annual Congress of the European Business History Association will be held at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam:


The focus of the association is not so much on comparative statistical economics, but more on the historical development and context of business, the institutional framework in which business develops, and the human factor in business development.

I aim to put together a panel on women’s history. The topic is still to be decided, but it would be nice to focus on direct female economic agency – such as women as managers or business owners, rather than on passive, or indirect economic agency – such as women shaping economic behaviour through consumption, etc.

My own research studies female managers of Dutch banking houses in the era of the consolidation and national reorientation of the Amsterdam capital market, 1813-1825. Research can align with my research but need not do so.

The event promises to attract quite an audience (200+) speakers. There is a real determination to shift away from the gendered terrain that is business history at present. This means that we will have considerable leeway in putting forward proposals, and with a high chance of acceptance.

If you do not have research ready any time soon, but are hoping to introduce some women’s history into business history, please feel free to put yourself forward as panel chair.

Interested colleagues can contact Dr Mark Edward Hay via