Grand Matriarchs Worldwide



Happy International Women’s Day 2013

We have the numbers to create our own wellspring of women to change the world!

Attending a 2013 IWD breakfast I noted much diversity and talent amongst the women attending.  So I thought, why not meet, eat, and talk regularly and not just once a year?  So, I would like us to set up a grass roots national and international organisation of older women.  Grand Matriachs Worldwide – ordinary, everyday women who have lived at least 50 years.  Non elitist but grand as in grandmother, grand plan, grand vision and grand stand.

I will start the ball rolling with these thoughts:-



Never before have we had such a large group of women over 50 worldwide.

Never before have we been as active in the community as we have been in recent years

Never before have we by our own activism achieved so much.

Never before have we been as connected to learn that much more needs to be done

Never before have women who have survived, been so supportive of each other.

Never before have we so many amazing women in the third world.




All those of us over 50 are members already with no joining process or fees. We are inclusive of all women who realise and understand what power we can wield.  Just BEING what we are is a force of sheer numbers that can be so powerful.  Worldwide, there are more than a billion of us over 50 who are matriachs.  The huge numbers that we have must count for something.


Let us use our raw numbers to flex our muscles in all areas of life.

Every one of us counts if we cast a vote in any election anywhere.

If we march together our numbers demand political attention and clout.

We need to recognise and harness our collective femaleness into social activism.

We are friends even if we have not met as we have shared experiences

We are all connected because we are daughters, sisters, mothers, grandmothers etc.

Never, ever let us again be ‘just women’ who react as victims and are the ‘other’.


Let us meet, inspire, support, connect, network, mentor, learn, think and plan.

In our homes, families, schools, community neighbourhoods, villages, town, city, country.

Yes and worldwide via the internet so come blog on this website and tell us what is possible.

We do this now, wherever we are, in every way, every day, in all that we do.

In the small and big tasks we undertake daily in child and maternal health, girls education.

Resisting bias and taking steps to prevent and eliminate violence against women and children.

With our collective activism we can achieve in all the ways that we are already familiar with.

Let us take action now for our children, grandchildren, nephews and nieces and all children.

We can lobby for the lives of the future generation to be better than ours.

We can make a fairer, safer, more peaceful and sustainable world for women and children.

We can address the gender imbalance on resources with accessible credit for women.





In Australia we can support Julia Gillard, Australia’s first PM who has been vilified by men to destroy her leadership.  As women we know politics and parties are less relevant than people and policies around the world.  Julia has put this before electoral numbers, for our planet, our futures our children and grandchildren.  Be part of us and never, let us ever again be ‘just women’ who react as victims and are the ‘other’.



Watch this space for news of the Grand Matriarchs Worldwide’s Blog.

Patmalar Ambikapathy Thuraisingham (c) May 2013

A Barrister and Children’s Rights Lawyer, Patmalar Ambikapathy Thuraisingham graduated in law from the University of Durham and is a member of Lincoln’s Inn. She practiced in commercial law in Malaysia, then emigrated with her family to Australia, where she practiced as a solicitor in Ballarat and Melbourne, before going to the Melbourne Bar. She was first Children’s Commissioner for Tasmania, taking a strong and positive stand to advance the rights of children. She is an active advocate for ending violence against women and children, standing up for the right of children not to be hit or assaulted in any way, whether in the name of parental ‘control’ or otherwise.