WSPU postcard of Flora Drummond, Emmeline and Christabel Pankhurst arrested on 13 October 1908, on a charge of conduct likely to provoke a breach of the peace; from  LSE Library’s collections, 7JCC/O/02/064…

The Home Front, WHN Conference image 2014. Image courtesy Worcestershire Archive and Archaeology Service…

Eleanor Rathbone campaigning (unsuccessfully) for election as an independent candidate for East Toxteth in Liverpool in 1922; from LSE Library’s collections COLL MISC 1104…

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The Women’s Land Army in Britain during the Second World War; from the collections of The Imperial War Museum (IWM non commercial licence).…

1970s London from the series On a Good Day by Al Vandenberg; © Victoria and Albert Museum, London…

WSPU waitresses at a fund-raising event at The Women’s Exhibition in London May 1909; from LSE Library’s collections, TWL/2002/387



Millicent Garrett Fawcett addressing  an estimated 50,000 women  at a mass suffrage rally in Hyde Park on 26 July 1913; from LSE Library’s collections, 7JCC/O/01/177…


Living in a poor area increases the risk of anxiety in women, but not men

First published in The Conversation : May 5, 2017 2.47pm AEST. This article is republished under Creative Commons licence.

Author :   Olivia Rimes

Olivia Rimes is a PhD Candidate, University of Cambridge

Disclosure statement

Olivia Remes received a PhD studentship from the National Institute for Health Research.


University of Cambridge provides funding as a member of The Conversation UK.





Women are hardest hit. Shutterstock

Women living in the most deprived areas are over 60% more likely to have anxiety as …

Arcangela Tarabotti, Elena Cassandra: A Feminist Venetian Republic Nun

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Silvia Speranza Geltrude Palandri


Silvia Speranza Geltrude Palandri

Arcangela Tarabotti, Elena Cassandra, was a nun in the Venetian Republic. At that time, Venice was a cultural centre around which gravitated prestigious figures from other parts of Italy and of Europe. However, the atmosphere was still deeply misogynist.

The lash of secular feeling of the Enlightenment endured throughout the seventeenth century. Appeals were still made to the Holy Scriptures and to the Gospels through which women were denied an active role in society beyond that of devoted wife and caring mother. These


‘Yeomen (F)’, Group photograph, with a large U.S. flag, taken at the Portsmouth Navy Yard, Kittery, Maine, 30 October 1918. Some of them are wearing USS Southery hat bands. Other hat bands read U.S. Navy and U.S. Naval Reserve. U.S. Naval History and Heritage Command Photograph, NH 53175.



North American Women and World War One


Saturday, 4 November 2017

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The University of Worcester’s annual Women’s History Conference seeks papers for this year’s event under the heading of: ‘North American Women and World War One’

The United States entered

Women’s History Spring 2017

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  • Elizabeth A. O’Donnell on Doing Good Quietly: The Life and Work of Teresa Merz (1879 – 1958) of Newcastle upon Tyne, 5
  • Peter Ayres on The Women’s Champion.  Mrs Farquharson of Haughton and Women’s Struggle to Join Scientific Societies, 13
  • Eleanor Fitzsimons on Helena Swanwick and the Coupling of Pacifism to the Struggle for Gender Equality, 20
  • Annemarie van Heerikhuizen on World Peace in the eyes of Bertha von Suttner and Bertha Waszklewicz , 25
  • Irene

The Mystery of Isabella and the String of Beads: A Woman Doctor in WW1

The following is an excerpt from Katrina Kirkwood’s book, The Mystery of Isabella and the String of Beads: A woman Doctor in WW1. Information about Katrina Kirkwood and her book was published on the blog on 13 march 2017.  The book is sold on Amazon and good book stores. WHN Admin.

Katrina Kirkwood

The Mystery of Isabella and the String of Beads: A Woman Doctor in WW1




“There might be German blood on these,” I warned as I placed the box on the table. From its battered cardboard top poked a rectangular, twill-covered object and a length of