Women’s History Spring 2021


The Sping 2021 edition of Women’s History is available now for purchase in print and digital format. Special Issue: Doing Women’s History.

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Special Issue: Doing Women’s History. The Spring 2021 special edition issue of Women’s History is available now for purchase. The digital version of this edition is available free to all members – see details below.


The style and format of this issue does not follow the journal’s usual pattern, in that there are a large number of shorter articles that explore local and individual perspectives on the experiences of researching, writing, sharing, exhibiting or promoting women’s history. These have been grouped together under four themes, each with their own introduction: Community Histories, Sources and Archives, Public Engagement and finally, Writing Women’s History.

Community Histories

  • Anne Logan and Helen Antrobus Introduction, 4
  • Farhanah Mamoojee on The Hidden History of the Ayahs of Britain, 4
  • Donna Moore onVote 100: The Moving Story, 8
  • Rachel Rogers on Monmouthshire Women Making Change, Abergavenny Museum, 11
  • Frances Reed on Service Scrapbooks: Nursing, Storytelling and the First World War, 13

Sources and Archives

  • Samantha Hughes-Johnson Introduction, 16
  • Janis Lomas on Sources for Writing the History of War Widows, 17
  • Beverley F. Ronalds on An Ancestor’s Life seen through her Recipe Book, 20
  • Liberty Martin on The Women Who Built Black Britain: A Look into the Black Cultural Archives, 23
  • Barbara Vesey on Bishopsgate Institute: Library, Archives and So Much More, 26

Public Engagement

  • Anna Muggeridge Introduction, 29
  • Kristin O’Donnell on Performing Community Engagement: The Challenges and Benefits, 30
  • Hayley Carter on Love Letters from the Front: Taking Post Graduate research into the Public Arena, 34
  • Alexandra Hughes-Johnson on From Women’s Suffrage to Degrees for Women: bridging the gap between academic history and public engagement through centenary commemorations, 37

Writing Women’s Histories

  • Maggie Andrews Introduction, 42
  • Paula Bartley on An Accidental Biographer, 42
  • Maggie Andrews on Writing Women’s History: Struggles, Strategies and Support, 44

Book Reviews

  • Frances B. Singh, Scandal and Survival in Nineteenth-Century Scotland: The life of Jane Cumming, Rochester, NY: University of Rochester Press, 2020, 48
  • Ruth Cohen, Margaret Llewelyn Davies: With Women for a New World, Dagenham: Merlin Press, 2020, 48
  • Honey Meconi, Hildegard of Bingen, Urbana, Chicago and Springfield: University of Illinois Press, 2018, 49
  • Lucy Ella Rose, Suffragist Artists in Partnership: Gender, Word and Image, Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2018, 50
  • Jennifer Godfrey, Suffragettes of Kent, Barnsley: Pen & Sword, 2019, 52
  • Karen Harvey, The Imposteress Rabbit Breeder: Mary Toft and Eighteenth-Century England, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2020, 52

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