Calls for Papers

Still Queer / a postgraduate and early-career work-in-progress study day

Still Queer / a postgraduate and early-career work-in-progress study day
Queer@King’s / King’s College, London / Saturday 13 September 2014

Queer@King’s invites proposals for presentations to be given at a collaborative work-in-progress study day. We hope to foster a supportive environment in which new work and ideas can be discussed among peers, with the opportunity of gaining valuable feedback from other PGRs, as well as from established faculty members.

Rather than insisting on a unifying topic within the broad remit of queer studies (by, say, identifying new trends or focussing on disciplining the field for its inevitable exclusions), we’re looking to create a space in which to simply share and learn from research that need not be unitary, which may indeed almost certainly be conflicting, but that is nevertheless still queer. The study day proposes that renewing the very energy that powered formative debates in queer studies (on sexuality and power, on intersectionality, on the globalisation of queer, on queering the past, etc.) may amount to the best way to make the simple and modest avowal in its title. With the scope to range over the broad terrain of queerness, we hope to be guided by the conversations that emerge rather than by a pre-defined focus.

We invite presentations on, among many other things:

  • queer studies’ past, as well as its present
  • queer studies’ historical as well as its geographical reach
  • queer studies’ utopian tendencies as well as its ‘anti-social’ refusals
  • queer studies’ conceptual expansion and its stubborn refusal to ‘go beyond’ sexuality

Please send abstracts of 300 words for 15-minute presentations to by Friday 25th July 2014.