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Excluded from the Record – Women, Refugees and Relief 1914-1929

The records do not necessarily provide the full stories … Miss Alma Tadema, daughter of the artist, on 30th September 1915 brought to Mrs Webbe, Mme Marie Wybo, aged 29. She had thrown vitriol and threatened suicide. A younger girl in unspecified trouble, possibly theft or being out all night, was Maria Caroline Verwilt, aged 15. In this instance, as in many others, Mrs Webbe was appointed her Guardian by the Old Street Juvenile Court. However, women who were categorized as morally deficient were likely to find themselves in positions where power relationships became particularly complex. One of these was Gertrude Kuypers. In May 1917, Somerset House, responsible for refugee registration, asked the W.R.C.’s Intelligence Department to find Gertrude’s Baby. It was found in Nazareth Convent at Hammersmith, placed there by Father Christie, the Catholic priest who worked with the W.R.C., because the Mother, i.e. Gertrude, was ‘leading an immoral life’.

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Women, Clothing and Theft

14th July 1731, Old Bailey Court, London. Martha Brannan, Mary Row, Eleanor Gore, and Mary Fitzgerald, were indicted, the two former for feloniously stealing divers wearing Apparel, Linen and Woollen, in the Dwelling-House of Henry Brand, the 5th of this…

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