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Women’s Work: The Book of Etiquette by Lady Troubridge

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This excerpt is from  The Book of Etiquette by Lady Troubridge (1948, First published 1926) The World’sWork (1913) Ltd, Kingswood, Surrey.

Has enough changed?


Chapter xxiv

The Business Woman The Modern Woman


There was a time not very long ago when women’s interests were confined chiefly to the home. For a woman to be actively engaged in some business or profession meant one of two things, either she was an old maid or she was a queer, but to-day woman is a citizen and she may choose to use here talents and capabilities in …

WOMEN, LAW AND CULTURE Conformity, Contradiction and Conflict

Part 3 of the excerpt from Jocelynne A. Scutt’s Women, Law and Culture covers parts 2 and 3 of the contributions to the book. WHN Admin


Karen Buczynski-Lee addresses this question in culture and law, in relation to women’s identity and representation in film – as filmmakers. Taking an historical perspective she looks at newly developing technologies at the turn of the 19th into the 20th century, when women struggled for the vote and to stand for parliament or congress, whilst being classed by the law as non-persons, so disentitled to work …

Women, Law and Culture Conformity, Contradiction and Conflict

Part 1

This excerpt from the introduction of Jocelynne A. Scutt’s Women, Law and Culture Conformity Contradiction and Conflict has been heavily edited to meet, as far as possible,  blog word count requirements. While the interconnecting pieces remain, description of the contributions have been omitted. The full details of each contribution will appear in  subsequent posts. The introduction also includes a bibliography, not published in the posts. WHN Admin.


Jocelynne A. Scutt

Law and culture are intimately intertwined. Frequently (or even ultimately), laws are based on and in culture, and culture is influenced by law. Both play a major …

History News Network Q&A FOR “A WARRIOR OF THE PEOPLE”

The following interview has been made available to the WHN by Joe Starita and his publisher, St Martin’s Press, New York. It was prepared initially for the History News Network. WHN Admin.





  1. Susan La Flesche is a fascinating figure and was a woman ahead of her time. What drew you to her as the subject of your new book, A Warrior of the People? (What contributions did she make to the advancement of her people? What makes her a worthy subject?)


The American West has long since become this mythical landscape – a landscape shaped by …



Edith Morley: the first female professor in Britain




Edith Morley’s 1944 memoir, Before and After, was written a few years after retiring as the first female professor at an English university. This absorbing story, now published in book form for the first time by Two Rivers Press, brings alive a very different era, one foundational to the freedoms we enjoy today.

Barbara Morris, who has edited the volume, talks here about Edith Morley and her memoir.


When in 1907 Reading University College began its quest for full university status all heads of department were promoted