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Memorial Service for Women in Foreign Medical Missions in the Great War

This information is reprinted from the British Serb Magazine, this section of which was sent to WHN Blog by Zvezdana Popovic. She has been assiduous in keeping the WHN informed of these activities for which I am grateful. Robin Joyce



March 15, 2018

Text by Zvezdana Popović, photos also by Nenad Obradović

Remembering the women who risked and sacrificed their lives in Serbia and the related fronts

Amongst the various centenary events that commemorate the Great War’s battles and war heroes, I was honoured and grateful to …

The First Female African- American Pilot

This article was sent from Jay Khan at Fact Sumo, a digital learning company. It is published in the same way that ‘tasters’ from published works are posted. That is, to alert readers to possibilities that might be of interest. WHN Blog does not comment on the value of such sources, unless asked for a review. Robin Joyce, WHN Blog Admin.

The First Female African-American Pilot



Bessie Coleman

Bessie Coleman’s Early Life
Bessie Coleman was one of 13 children, with parents who were both illiterate sharecroppers. By the time she reached childhood, Coleman’s father left his family to go to

Katrina Lockwood: The Mystery of Isabella an the String of Beads A Woman Doctor In World War 1

Book review by Robin Joyce


Publisher: Loke Press

Author: Katrina Kirkwood

Sold on Amazon and at good bookstores.

The back-cover blurb tells us:

It was the inscription that made the antique scalpels so tantalising: ‘Isabella Stenhouse’. A woman doctor? A woman doctor who was rumoured to have served in the First World War? Could Isabella have treated wounded men with these very implements? And had a grateful German prisoner of war really given her the strange string of beads that tangled round her stethoscope?  Coaxing clues from archives across Europe, Katrina Kirkwood traces Isabella’s route from medical school …

The Mystery of Isabella and the String of Beads: A Woman Doctor in WW1

The following is an excerpt from Katrina Kirkwood’s book, The Mystery of Isabella and the String of Beads: A woman Doctor in WW1. Information about Katrina Kirkwood and her book was published on the blog on 13 march 2017.  The book is sold on Amazon and good book stores. WHN Admin.

Katrina Kirkwood

The Mystery of Isabella and the String of Beads: A Woman Doctor in WW1




“There might be German blood on these,” I warned as I placed the box on the table. From its battered cardboard top poked a rectangular, twill-covered object and a length of

Women doctors in WW1: fighting to do their bit


Graduation of Isabella

Katrina Kirkwood’s ‘Women doctors in WW1: fighting to do their bit’, could be read in conjunction with the information provided by Zvezdana Popovic and recently publicised in the WHN blog (Deeds Not Words).

A ‘Taster ‘ from Kirkwood’s book, The Mystery of Isabella and the String of beads : A Woman Doctor in WW1 will be posted in April. A review of the book will be posted in May. In the meantime, Kirkwood’s ‘Women doctors in WW1: fighting to do their bit’ and information about her and the book, appears below.  WHN Admin.