Dr Lesley Hall

Current role(s): Senior Archivist, Wellcome Library Honorary Lecturer, History of Medicine, University College London
Additional infomation: Also a historian who has published several books and numerous articles and chapters on issues to do with sexuality and gender in the UK in the 19th and 20th centuries. Subsidiary interests in the history of women in science and medicine, interwar middlebrow women novelists, and science fiction and fantasy. Website: www.lesleyahall.net Blog: lesleyahall.blogspot.com

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Area of Interest or Expertise Period Further Details Country/ Region
History of sexuality C19th-C20th UK
Birth control and abortion C19th-C20th UK
Marriage and divorce C19th-C20th UK
Same-sex relationships C19th-C20th UK
Sexology and Sex reform C19th-C20th UK
Sex education C19th-C20th UK
Women's history C19th-C20th UK
Archives and research resources C19th-C20th
Women in medicine C19th-C20th UK
Women in science C19th-C20th History, rather than current debates, except as the historical background inflects these or sheds light on them UK
Marie Stopes C20th UK (but also her wider international impact)
Stella Browne C19th-C20th UK (and her international connections)
Women middlebrow novelists of the interwar years c. 1910-1950 UK
Naomi Mitchison C20th UK (and her international activities)
Censorship C19th-C20th UK
History of psychiatry, with particular attention to gender C19th-C20th UK
Title Role Publisher Date
The Life and Times of Stella Browne, Feminist and Free Spirit Author I B Tauris 30 Jan 2011
Sex, Gender and Social Change in Britain since 1880, 2nd edition Author Palgrave Macmillan 2012
Beyond Pleasure: Cultures of Modern Asceticism Contributor Berghahn Books 2011
Narrative Power: Encounters, Celebrations, Struggles, Contributor Aqueduct Press 2010
The Oxford Handbook of the History of Eugenics Contributor Oxford University Press 2010
Shaping Sexual Knowledge: A Cultural History of Sex Education in Twentieth Century Europe, Contributor Routledge 2009
Sisters of Subversion: Histories of Women, Tales of Gender Contributor AMB 2008
Naomi Mitchison: A profile of her life and work Author Aqueduct Press 2007
Medicine, Madness and Social History: Essays in memory of Roy Porter Contributor Palgrave Macmillan 2007
The Greenwood Encyclopedia of Love, Courtship and Sexuality Through History, Vol. 5, The Nineteenth Century Contributor Greenwood Press 2007
Histories of the Normal and the Abnormal: Social and cultural histories of norms and normativity Contributor Routledge 2006
Encyclopedia of British Women's Writing 1900-1950 Contributor Palgrave Macmillan 2006
Outspoken women: An anthology of women's writing on sex, 1870-1969 Author Routledge 2005
La Mediazione Matrimoniale: Il terzo (in)comodo in Europa fra Otto e Novecento Contributor Edizioni di Storia e Letteratura de Rome 2004
Gender and Politics in the Age of Letter-Writing: 1750-2000 Contributor Ashgate 2004
Public or Private Education?: Lessons from History Contributor Woburn Press 2004
Oxford Dictionary of National Biography Contributor Oxford University Press 2004
A Concise History of Paediatric Gastroenterology Contributor Bladon Medical Publishing 2004
Sexual Pedagogies: Teaching Sex in America, Britain and Australia, 1879-2000 Contributor Palgrave Macmillan 2003
Women and Modern Medicine Contributor Rodopi Press 2001
The New Woman in Fiction and Fact Contributor Palgrave Macmillan 2001
Sex, Sin and Suffering: Venereal Disease and European Society Since 1870 Contributor Routledge 2001
Women in Twentieth Century Britain Contributor Pearson 2001
Sex, Sin and Suffering: Venereal Disease and European Society Since 1870 Editor Routledge 2001
Marie Stopes: Birth Control and Other Writings Editor Thoemmes Press 2000
Sex, Gender and Social Change in Britain since 1880 Author Macmillan 2000
Regenerating England: science, medicine and culture in inter-war Britain Contributor Rodopi Press 2000
Reader's Guide to the History of Science Contributor Fitzroy Dearborn 2000
A Suffrage Reader: Charting directions in British suffrage history, 1850-1950 Contributor Leicester University Press 2000
Sexual Cultures in Europe: Vol 2 Themes in Sexuality Editor Manchester University Press 1999
Sexual Cultures in Europe, 1700-2000, 1: National Histories Contributor Manchester University Press 1999
Sexual Cultures in Europe, 1700-2000, 1: National Histories Editor Manchester University Press 1999
Sexology Uncensored: A Source Book Contributor Polity Press 1998
Essays in the History of Eugenics Contributor Galton Institute 1998
Sexology and Culture: Labelling Bodies and Desires Contributor Polity Press 1998
The Women's Suffrage Movement, New Feminist Perspectives Contributor Manchester University Press 1998
Marie Stopes, Eugenics and the English Birth Control Movement Contributor Galton Institute 1997
Civilisation, Sexuality and Social Life in Historical Context Contributor The Institute of Medicine and Social Medicine 1996
Nursing History and the Politics of Welfare Contributor Routledge 1996
The Facts of Life: the creation of sexual knowledge in Britain, 1680-1950, Author Yale University Press 1995
This Working-Day World: Women's Lives and Culture(s) in Britain 1914-1945 Contributor Taylor and Francis 1994
Birth and Breeding: the politics of reproduction in modern Britain since 1900 Contributor Wellcome Institute for the History of Medicine 1994
Rediscovering Forgotten Radicals: British Women Writers 1889-1939 Contributor University of North Carolina Press 1993
Hidden Anxieties: Male Sexuality 1900-1950 Author Polity Press 1991
Hygieia's Handmaids: Women, Health and Healing: A catalogue of an exhibition at the Wellcome Institute for the History of Medicine, 19 September-16 DEcember 1988 Author Wellcome Institute for the History of Medicine 1988
Article Title Journal Date
'Essay Review: Does madness have a gender? History of Psychiatry December 2009
'Articulating abortion in interwar Britain' Women's History Magazine 2012
'An ambiguous idol: HG Wells inspiring and infuriating women' The Wellsian: the journal of the HG Wells Society 2011
'No Sex, Please, We're Socialists': The Labour Party prefers to close its eyes and think of the electorate' Socialist History 2010
'Eugenics, sex and the state: some introductory remarks' Studies in History and Philosophy of Biological and Biomedical S 2008
'Hauling down the Double Standard: feminism, social purity and sexual science in late nineteenth century Britain' Gender and History 2004
' "The Reserved Occupation"? Prostitution in the Second World War Women's History Magazine 2002
'The Uterus in History' (themed review) Gender and History 1999
'Marie Stopes and her correspondents: public and private faces' Ethical Record: The Proceedings of the South Place Ethical Socie 1997
'Eighty years of the Medical Women's Federation: the MWF archive in the Contemporary Medical Archives Centre, Wellcome Institute for the History of Medicine' Medical Woman: Bulletin of the Medical Women's Federation 1997
' "I have never met a normal woman" Stella Browne and the politics of Womanhood' Women's History Review 1997
'Impotent ghosts from no-man's land, flappers' boyfriends, or crypto-patriarchs? men, sex and social change in 1920s Britain' Social History 1996
'The Archives of Birth Control in Britain' Journal of the Society of Archivists 1995
'Sex in the archives' Archives: the Journal of the British Records Association 1995
'"Disinterested enthusiasm for sexual misconduct": the British Society for the Study of Sex Psychology, 1913-1947' Journal of Contemporary History 1995
'Forbidden by God, despised by men: masturbation, medical warnings, moral panic and manhood in Britain, 1850-1950' Journal of the History of Sexuality 1992
"Somehow very distasteful": doctors, men and sexual problems between the wars' Journal of Contemporary History 1985