Women's History Network Member Listing

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Member Name Main area(s) of interest
Ms Jennifer Adams-Massmann
Ms Hattie Ajderian
Professor Sally Alexander
Dr Artemis Alexiou
Mrs Tahaney Alghrani
Dr Gemma Allen
Dr Sue Anderson-Faithful
Professor Maggie Andrews
Professor Rosemary AUCHMUTY
Shirley Aucott
Dr Jeannine Baker
Mrs Kathryn Baker
Dr Nina Baker Womens work in engineering and construction trades and professions, especially in Scotland
Construction history, especially economic cycles in Scotland
Women as technical designers, especially car design.
Anne Baldwin
Miss Donna Ballan
Ass. Professor Aparna Bandyopadhyay
Dr Katie Barclay History of Marriage
History of Masculinity
Feminist theory
History of Balladry/ Singing
Professor Hannah Barker
Mrs Helen Barnard
Dr Teresa Barnard
Ms Mandy Barrie
Dr Paula Bartley
Dr Francesca Battista
Dr Gillian Beattie-Smith
Dr Caitriona Beaumont
Members 1 to 25 of 424  

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