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Women’s History Month: From the Women’s Library.


On this day: We remember…Eunice Guthrie Murray who died on 26 Mar 1960.  Along with her mother and her sister, Sylvia Murray, Eunice joined the Women’s Freedom League and by 1913 was President of the League in Scotland. In 1918 she became the first woman to stand in a parliamentary election in Scotland, as an independent candidate in Glasgow, although she was unsuccessful. Eunice was the author of many works including ‘Scottish Women of Bygone Days’ (1930); ‘A Gallery of Scottish Women’ (1935) and a novel, ‘The Hidden Tragedy’ (1917). Eunice Murray was awarded an MBE in 1945. (The Women’s Library 7EGM/3)

Also on this day: 26 March 1979; Media Awards

Women in Media held a Gala Evening at a Members’ Restaurant, London Zoo, Regent’s Park on 26 Mar 1979 to mark the first presentation of Images of Women Television Advertising Awards by Women In Media. Awards included the Ad Nausea award for most offensive advertisement (Fiesta Paper Towels) and the Ad Lib award (Skyline Kitchen tools) for most progressive representation of women.

The image and information come from The Women’s Library collections.  The Women’s Library are currently running an exhibition on the Women’s Liberation Movement of the 1970s, ‘Ms Understood: Women’s Liberation in 1970s Britain’. For more information on this and other events, check out their website.

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