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Women’s History Month: From the Women’s Library.

On this day, 4 Mar 1912, ‘For Valour Hunger Strike’

A Women’s Social & Political Union hunger strike medal was awarded to Gertrude Wilkinson ‘Fed By Force 4/3/12 Gertrude Wilkinson’, with presentation box, produced by the WSPU and presented to Gertrude Wilkinson for forcible feeding 4 Mar 1912. (The Women’s Library Ref 7EWD/M/25)

Also on this day: 4 March 1912, Votes for Women!

A Women’s Social & Political Union militant protest took place. Circular letters from Emmeline Pankhurst stated that instructions would be given at the Gardenia Restaurant on the day of the action at 6pm. Tickets were passed to members for admission to restaurant. ‘PS Please do not wear colours [purple white and green] or [membership] badges’ (The Women’s Library Ref 7HFD/B/1/03)

The image above and the information comes from the Women’s Library collections.

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  1. What a wonderful coincidence of events on 4 March 1912. By means of a chronological search on that month in _Orlando_ (since I don’t have June Purvis’s biography handy) I see that Emmeline Pankhurst sent out those invitations to another protest just three days after she threw a stone through the windows at 10 Downing Street during the WSPU’s first violent demonstration, and the day before she, with both the Pethick-Lawrences, disappeared into prison as a result!

    I’m enjoying these postings hugely. The blog is a great idea; thank you.

    Isobel Grundy

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