Fellowships and Grants


The Women’s History Network is offering a small grant of £1,000 for the holding of a one day conference on women’s history organised by full time or part time postgraduates in universities or other institutions of higher education in the UK. The grant may be used in collaboration with other awards.  To be eligible to enter, the lead organiser/s must be members of the Women’s History Network at the time of application and at the time the activity is to take place.  Members of the current Women’s History Network Steering Committee are ineligible to apply.

The deadline for applications is 1 April and the result will be communicated to the successful applicant/s by 1 June.

Enquiries about the Small Grants Postgraduate Scheme may be sent to Maggie Andrews, the Chair of the WHN and submissions made electronically to:  chair@womenshistorynetwork.org

Members of the selection committee will be drawn from the Women’s History Network’s Steering Committee.


All applicants should complete the application form and submit electronically as a word document via email to chair@womenshistorynetwork.org

The application form should be accompanied by aletter of support on headed notepaper from Head of School/Department indicating the support that will be provided, such as provision of rooms, matched funding, web and other publicity.

In making the final selection for the award of the grant, consideration will be given not only to the quality of the proposal but also to parts of the UK where there are presently no regional Women’s History Network Groups.

Please note that grants do notcover:

  • Equipment costs
  • Publications costs
  • Room hire costs (where the venue is the applicant’s home institution)

We usually expect applications for small grants from post-graduate students to come from two or more students working together.

Any events held with support from the fund should be advertised on the WHN website and, as far as is practicable, be open equally to all interested in Women’s History.

There must be a specific and prominent acknowledgement of the WHN’s support in any publicity, meeting materials or publications. The Women’s History Network logo and twitter feed should be displayed on all publicity materials and on the programme, and further information about the Network must be made available at the conference (the Publicity Officer of the WHN will provide relevant materials).

Successful applicants are required to provide a report of the conference for the WHN blog and are encouraged to propose papers or sessions at the WHN national conference.

Within 8 weeks of the proposed conference, the organiser/s are required to submit: (a) a report of 500-1000 words suitable for posting on the WHN blog and (b) a financial summary of the conference accounts after which funding will be paid.

Any publications or outputs that result from the conference should include an acknowledgement of funding received from the Women’s History Network.

To join the Women’s History Network UK please go to www.womenshistorynetwork.org

Download the WHN Postgraduate small grants application form