Women's History Journal

Women’s History Spring 2017

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  • Elizabeth A. O’Donnell on Doing Good Quietly: The Life and Work of Teresa Merz (1879 – 1958) of Newcastle upon Tyne, 5
  • Peter Ayres on The Women’s Champion.  Mrs Farquharson of Haughton and Women’s Struggle to Join Scientific Societies, 13
  • Eleanor Fitzsimons on Helena Swanwick and the Coupling of Pacifism to the Struggle for Gender Equality, 20
  • Annemarie van Heerikhuizen on World Peace in the eyes of Bertha von Suttner and Bertha Waszklewicz , 25
  • Irene Gill on ‘Dont forget us!’: Julie Wolfthorn, artist (1864–1944), 32

Book Reviews

  • Rachel Reeves, Alice in Westminster, The Political Life of Alice Bacon, London and New York, I B Tauris, 2017, 36
  • Penny Lawne, Joan of Kent: First Princess of Wales, Stroud, Gloucestershire: Amberley Publishing, 2015, 36
  • Tania Szabo, Young, Brave and Beautiful. The Missions of Special Operations Executive Agent Lieutenant Violette Szabo, Stroud, Glos: The History Press, 2015, 37
  • John S. Croucher & Rosalind E. Croucher, Mistress of Science. The story of the remarkable Janet Taylor, pioneer of sea navigation, Amberley, 2016, 38
  • Graham Taylor, Ada Salter, Pioneer of Ethical Socialism, London, Lawrence and Wishart, 2016, 39

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