Women's History Journal

Women’s History Summer 2020

Women's History, Summer 2020

Special Issue: Women and the Family in Ireland

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  • Introduction by Leanne Calvert/Maeve O’Riordan, 3
  • Leanne Calvert on “Her husband went away some time agoe”: marriage breakdown in Presbyterian Ulster, c. 1690-1830, 6
  • Maeve O’Riordan on ‘The supplementary spinster’? Unmarried women in the Irish ascendancy family, 1860-1926, 14
  • Éadaoin Regan on ‘There’s [al]most always a cause’, madness and/or a mother complex: a Jungian reading of selected George Egerton stories, 22
  • Emma Dewhirst on ‘The spark struck on the hearthstone will fire the soul of the nation’’: women, family, and Irish nationalist activism, 28

Book Reviews

  • Julian Hale, Women in Aviation, Oxford: Shire Publications, 2019, 35
  • Sara Gray, British Women Artists: A Biographical Dictionary of 1000 Women Artists in the British Decorative Arts, Oakamoor: Dark River, 2019, 36
  • Susanna Hoe and Derek Roebuck, Women in Disputes: A History of European Women in Mediation and Arbitration, Oxford: HOLO Books, 2018, 36
  • Jacinta Prunty, The Monasteries, Magdalen Asylums and Reformatory Schools of Our Lady of Charity in Ireland 1853-1973, Dublin: Columba Press, 2017, 37
  • Paula Bartley, Labour Women in Power: Cabinet Ministers in the Twentieth Century, London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2019, 38
  • J. D. Zahniser & Amelia R. Fry, Alice Paul: Claiming Power, New York: Oxford University Press, 2019, 39
  • Jana Barbora Buresova, The Dynamics of Forced Migration from Czechoslovakia to Britain, 1938-1950, Oxford: Peter Lang, 2019, 40

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