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Women’s History Today – Autumn 2023 Issue

Women's History Today Autumn 2023

The Autumn 2023 issue of Women’s History Today is now available for purchase or downoad. The theme of this special issue is commemoration and the different ways women’s lives are marked, celebrated and understood. This issue features two academic articles, as well as a selection of feature articles expanding on the theme of the issue.

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  • Rosemary Keep on Commemorating The Female Deathbed: The Saltonstall Family, 4
  • Zuzubee Huidrom on Rethinking the experience of women in the Nupi Lan during the British colonial rule, 11

Doing History

  • Carrie de Silva on Women In Street Names Project, 19

From the Archive

  • Katherine Hobbs on Mina and Memory: Commemorating Women’s History at Thomas Edison National Historical Park, 33

Book Reviews

  • Henrietta Heald, Magnificent Women and Their Revolutionary Machines. London: Unbound, 2021, 41
  • Sharon Thompson, Quiet Revolutionaries: The Married Women’s Association and Family Law, Oxford: Hart Publishing, 2022, 42

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