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Women’s History Today Summer 2022

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Women’s History Today is our new style journal with updated typeface and additional sections. This is an open issue of the journal and includes articles that range from a political salon in eighteenth-century France to a science and engineering convention in twentieth-century USA. We also have features on research and archives as well as our usual book reviews.

  • Graeme Gooday and Emily Rees Koerner on Formulating a Transnational History of Women in Engineering and Applied Science, 4
  • Alison Pedley on ‘A Disgrace to the Neighbourhood’ or ‘A Greatly Wronged Woman’? Sexual Violation and Criminal Lunacy in Victorian England – One Woman’s Experience, 14
  • Diane Kelley on After 1792: Madame Helvétius, Auteuil and the French Revolution, 23
  • Sue Anderson-Faithful on ‘Bear ye one another’s burdens’: inculcating Christian values through caring practice in the Anglican Girls’ Friendly Society 1875 -1914, 33

Spotlight on Research

  • Lucie Armitt, Krista Cowman and Sarah Pedersen on ‘A [Socially Isolated] Room of One’s Own: Women Writing Lockdown’, 42

Doing History

  • Angela Dyer on The Faraday Papers And The Education Of Girls, 44

Book Reviews

  • Boyd Cothran, Joan Judge and Adrian Shubert (eds), Women Warriors and National Heroes: Global Histories, London, New York, Oxford, New Delhi and Sydney: Bloomsbury Academic, 2020, 51
  • Heidi Eggington and Zoë Thomas (eds), Precarious Professionals. Gender, Identities and Social Change in Modern Britain. London: University of London Press, 2021, 52
  • Dana Mills, Rosa Luxemburg, London: Reaktion Books, 2020, 52

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