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Women’s History Today – Summer 2023 Issue

The Summer 2023 issue of Women’s History Today is now available for purchase or downoad.

This open issue of Women’s History Today features two academic articles, as well as a selection of feature articles, that explore a range of issues from a equal pay in the 20th centurty to a reimagining of a suffragette’s diary.

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  • Jane Berney on ‘Equal pay for equal work’? The 1944 Royal Commission on Equal Pay and the Accountancy Profession, 4
  • Jaime Reynolds on Missing from the picture. Why are the first women mayors absent from the history of the women’s movement in Britain?, 13

Doing History

  • Angela V. John on Making Space for Women: The Monumental Welsh Women Campaign, 24

From the Archive

  • Mireille Fauchon on ‘Don’t Believe the Papers’ – Katie Gliddon’s Suffragette Diary, 37

Book Reviews

  • Laurel Forster and Joanne Hollows (Eds.), Women’s Periodicals and Print Culture in Britain, 1940s-2000s, Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2020 32
  • Sharon Wright, The Mother of the Brontës, Barnsley: Pen & Sword, 2019 34
  • Ann Mari May, Gender and the Dismal Science: Women in the Early Years of the Economics Profession, New York: Columbia University Press, 2022, 35

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