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’12 Days of Christmas’ Quotes


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Campaign Poverty, Women’s Equality and the Right to Vote

Susan B. Anthony Photo supplied. Source: History of Women Suffrage, Vol. 1

Susan B. Anthony
Photo supplied. Source: History of Women Suffrage, Vol. 1




Bernadette Cahill will be presenting a paper at the Women’s History Network Conference. Below is the background to her paper. WHN Admin.

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 For 144 years before American women won the vote, their lives were severely constricted. The only political tool they had to win change was the petition and even that was questioned.  They were also hamstrung by lack of money, for women had “no right to the disposition of their own earnings.”  Further, a contrived philosophy consigned them to the

Standing On Their Shoulders!


When appointed to the United States Supreme Court by President WJ (Bill) Clinton in the 1990s, Ruth Bader Ginsberg said:


I would not be in this room today, if it were not for the women and men who kept dreams alive … Dreams when no one would listen. Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Harriet Tubman and Susan B. Anthony come to mind …



               Photo: H.S. Blatch on Wall Street, 1910-1915. Library of Congress


This week – Tuesday 21 January – is the birthday of writer and suffragist Harriot Eaton Stanton Blatch. She was born in 1856, daughter of 

Jessie Street, Carrie Chapman Catt & Women’s Movement Internationalism


From her home in New York, at 120 Paine Avenue, New Rochelle, Carrie Chapman Catt writes to Mrs Ashby, a member of the International Woman’s Suffrage Alliance and a colleague in the struggle for women’s rights.

 The date? 1 August 1945.


The subject? The Australian Women’s Charter.


Street is the Charter’s major proponent. In August, she is to be in London, following her attendance as Australia’s delegate at the San Francisco Conference of the UN.

‘I am anxious that you should give her a good chance to see and talk with you privately and at length,’ writes Chapman Catt. ‘Australian …