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Part 2

Women and writing

Robin Joyce


The Wife by Meg Wolitzer

Review with no spoilers, originally published on Good Reads.

Robin Joyce

The Wife is an excellent novel with which to assess one’s own moral compass. As a feminist, I appreciate the way in which the stark differences between the acceptance of male writers’ behaviour and successes and the few accolades associated with women’s writing are drawn. Some of the development and description of the characters, women and men, is quite cruel – deservedly so. In particular, male writers are shown as inflated egos with a penchant for …

Virago Great Feminist Quotes – A Christmas Gift


Great Feminist Quotes to Inspire You this Christmas


As a little gift from Virago to you this yuletide, we wanted to send you all cards . . . not your traditional Christmas card, we’ll admit, but some of our favourite feminist quotations to keep you inspired. They all feature in I Call Myself a Feminist, the essay collection which we published in November, and come from everyone from the Dalai Lama to Amy Schumer, Malala Yousafzai to Mary Wollstonecraft. We hope you enjoy this collection of alternative cards – and feel free to download and share them …

No More Rights to be Won?


The Women’s Movement is so often misrepresented that, unfortunately, women are often persuaded that the distorted view is reality. Today, the notion that feminism is a ‘bad’ word is touted frequently – as if that were never the case in the past. Rebecca West spoke out against the proposition that to be a feminist was something of which one ought to be ashamed. In the 1970s, despite contentions today, feminism and feminists were decried, abused, and scorned. There never has been a time when feminism and feminists were applauded by ‘the world’, yet at all times, in all eras, there …