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Women, Law and Culture Conformity, Contradiction and Conflict

Part 2

This excerpt repeats a small section of the introductory  comments, before concentrating on the detailed information about the contributions in Women, Law and Culture edited by Jocelynne A. Scutt. The linking paragraphs and explanatory material introducing the sections appeared in Part 1. The remainder of the details about the contributions will be posted in Part 3. WHN Admin.


Jocelynne A. Scutt


Through time, women have struggled to establish themselves as human – as ‘equal’ to men – in law and culture. Today, does women’s sense of identity receive support and affirmation …

This is where it all could have begun – but did it? Women and The Magna Carta A Treaty for Control or Freedom?

9781137562340.inddJocelynne Scutt

Part 2

Chapter 1Are Women Persons?

… We have … granted to all freemen of our kingdom, for us and our heirs forever, all the underwritten liberties, to be had and held by them and their heirs, of us and our heirs forever.

Magna Carta, Art. 1

Does ‘Man’ Embrace ‘Woman’?

In 1850 the United Kingdom Parliament passed ‘An Act for shortening the Language used in Acts of Parliament’. Under Lord Brougham’s Act, ‘unless expressly provided to the contrary’, words importing the masculine gender would be ‘deemed and taken to include female’. Today, some Interpretation Acts …

Reclaiming Herstory – Affirming & Celebrating Women’s History Sites


The US National Trust for Historic Preservation is ‘now accepting nominations for 2015 America’s 11 most endangered historic places list’. The aim in 2015 is to ensure that historic places associated with women’s place in history can be celebrated and affirmed – and saved! The website for the Trust observes that for more than twenty-five years, the endangered historic places list:

… has highlighted important examples of the nation’s architectual, cultural and natural heritage … at risk of destruction or irreparable damage.

In launching the 2015 search, President of the Trust, Stephanie Meeks, noted that historic places ‘are a tangible …

WOMAN SLAYS VAMPIRE vs READER, SHE MARRIED HIM … Buffy the Vampire Slayer vs Twilight


The contrast between Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Twilight could not be greater. In character and character development, as well as plot, Buffy eclipses the anodyne Twilight series. Buffy is a character in her own right, a woman who, albeit a student still, knows her own mind, acts independently, and leads her team. Even when she consults with her teacher – the school principal, a man ‘in charge’ of the educational institution where Buffy meets and matches the vampires she slays, she consults with him on a basis of equality. He may advise and mentor, but on Buffy’s terms and …

19th Century Women – Possessions, Photographs, Posters & Postcards …



The University of Wisconsin-Madison, has launched an important collection of 19th and early 20th century women’s everyday possessions. Situated online through the University Library, the Dovie Horvitz Collection of objects and printed works came  into being through the dedicated work of Illinois-based collector Dovie Horvitz. Women’s Studies Librarian Emerita Phyllis Holman Weisbard writes that the collection ‘comprises photographs of women’s everyday possessions, as well as numerous digitized texts (magazines, books, postcards, posters and more)’. Dovie Horvitz ‘hopes to find an institutional home for the entire collection some day’ and, adds Phyllis Holman, ‘perhaps the presence of the photographs and digitized …