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Being Published – tips for you: insights from writing Women and the Royal Navy

Jo Stanley



Being published –tips for you


My new history book is just out. I’ve got some insights (from this and previous books), and I now see what I should have done ages ago. So I thought it might be useful to share thoughts on the process with WHN members who are yet to be published.

The book is Women and the Royal Navy (IB Tauris/NMRN). It’s a trade book (sometimes called a cross-over book), which means it’s accessible AND written with scholarly rigour. For example I had to find simple ways to say ‘patriarchy’, ‘hegemony’, ‘the gender …

UNRELENTING BACKLASH – Depoliticising Male Violence Against Women: Part 2

Continued from ‘Unrelenting Backlash – Depoliticising Male Violence Against Women: Part 1’

Likewise academic reports, papers, and research findings all invisibilise the male agent and perpetrator. Philips and Henderson (1999) analysed a sample of articles on the subject of male violence published in popular and scientific journals between 1994 and 1996. Out of a total of 165 summaries and 11 articles the phrase “male violence” was mentioned only eight times whereas words such as rape, abuse, violence and domestic violence appeared 1,044 times. These researchers also noted that the sex of the victim was commonly stated by words such as …

Patriarchs, Power and Eighteenth Century Marriage

you reign my Eliza alone in mine (heart), & every sentiment of it, is subservient to you … as long as you love me, the most endearing word to my thoughts is wife, because it implies my possession & enjoyment of you whole love for all my life … I must be first, & superior, in your heart & thoughts, your affection as a parent, must be derived from you love as my wife.[i]

This quote is from a letter written by Hugh, Earl of Marchmont, to his wife Elizabeth Crompton in 1750. It highlights a number of sites …

Sixteen Days Against Violence Against Women

Today, Thursday, 25th November 2010, sees the launch of 16 Days of Action to Eliminate Violence Against Women.  Events are planned worldwide to increase awareness of this pressing problem, which continues to require immediate attention and intervention today.  My own research, which looks at marital breakdown in late twentieth-century Scotland, examines the issue of domestic abuse from a feminist perspective.  The available statistics on contemporary domestic abuse remain shocking.  In 2008, 10,882 domestic abuse incidents were recorded by police in Glasgow, yet women experiencing domestic abuse are, on average, assaulted 35 times before they make initial contact with …