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Black History Month: Black cadet harassed to death at sea? Or murdered?

Akhona Geveza: art work by Jo Stanley

Akhona Geveza: art work by Jo Stanley

June 24 2010. On this date Akhona Geveza, a nineteen-year-old South African cadet on a cargo ship, disappeared. Her body was later found drifting in the sea off the Croatian coast. 

The question is still was she murdered to shut her up? Or did she indeed kill herself? Nokwakha and Zenzile, her parents, believe it was murder. What’s not in question is that attitudes to gender and race seemingly brought about her death.  She was being harassed. The irony is that Akhona was aboard the British-registered Safmarine Kariba because of an equal opportunities …

Black History Month: Lilian Masediba Ngoyi (1911-1980)

FEDSAW Women’s Protests, Pretoria 1956.

In 1954, Lilian Masediba Ngoyi took to the stage of the inaugural conference of the Federation of South African Women (FEDSAW) and stated to the gathered group of multiracial delegates: “Let us be brave: we have heard of men shaking in their trousers, but who ever heard of a woman shaking in her skirt?” As the cheers, applause and laughter subsided, Ngoyi, a textile worker and mother of three from Orlando, Johannesburg, concluded her speech in typical fashion: with the declaration that all South African women, regardless of their race or background, should be willing …