5th May: From Love Lives to Cinderella

Wednesday, 5th May 2021 at 4pm (UK)

From Love Lives to Cinderella

Prof. Carol Dyhouse


Book Cover


Cinderella stories captured the imagination of girls in the 1950s, when dreams of meeting the right man could seem like a happy ending, a solution to life’s problems. But over the next fifty years women’s lives were transformed, not by the magic wand of a fairy godmother, nor by marrying princes, but by education, work, birth control—and feminism.

Carol will be talking about her latest book, Love Lives: from Cinderella to Frozen, published by Oxford University Press.

Carol Dyhouse is Professor Emeritus at Sussex University and author of Girl Trouble: panic and progress in the history of young women (2013), Glamour: women, history, feminism (2010) and Students: a gendered history (2005)

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We do have a limit of 100 attendees, but you can also view the livestream of the seminar on the Women’s History Network Facebook page.