Homes fit for Heroines ?

Homes fit for Heroines ? 

A conference organized by the Women’s History Network: Midlands Region, University of Worcester, Avoncroft Museum and the Voices of War and Peace WWI Engagement Centre.

On Saturday 16 March, 2019 at Avoncroft Museum of Historic Buildings,  Stoke Heath, Bromsgrove, Midlands B60 4JR.

In 1918, the day after the armistice the Prime Minister Lloyd George promised ‘homes fit for heroes’ would be built for the returning soldiers. But behind this slogan lie many controversies: who would provide these homes, who would decide what a ‘fit’ home was and would they be suitable working environments for women who heroically carried on with the grind of everyday life. This conference seeks to explore, debates, designs and experiences of twentieth century homes and housing in Britain. The keynote speaker will be Professor Deborah Sugg Ryan whose most recent book  Ideal Homes: Design, Architecture and Suburban Modernity in England, 1918-39 which has recently been published by Manchester University Press. Her talk will be entitled: “Maid of all work and hostess combined”: Housework, social status and agency in interwar suburbia.

We invite you to either submit a proposal for a paper or an exhibition based on your current research in this field of Women’s History. Either provide an abstract of 300 words for a paper or a the title and space requirements for an exhibition via email to Prof Maggie Andrews  by 30 January 2019.