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Standing On Their Shoulders!


When appointed to the United States Supreme Court by President WJ (Bill) Clinton in the 1990s, Ruth Bader Ginsberg said:


I would not be in this room today, if it were not for the women and men who kept dreams alive … Dreams when no one would listen. Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Harriet Tubman and Susan B. Anthony come to mind …



               Photo: H.S. Blatch on Wall Street, 1910-1915. Library of Congress


This week – Tuesday 21 January – is the birthday of writer and suffragist Harriot Eaton Stanton Blatch. She was born in 1856, daughter of 

Women, Politics, Parliaments – Bringing about Democracy


Women and politics was high on the agenda at UN CSW 57, with attention being paid to politics in its broad and narrower sense. ‘Gender Sensitive Parliaments’ , discussing and debating the way to chage the culture of parliaments to ensure their responsiveness ‘to the needs and interests of both men and women in their structures, operations, methods and work’ was one topic holding enthralled all attending that side event. Another CSW 57 side event, also run by the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU),  covered the way in which parliaments around the world have taken steps to ensure representation, or greater representation, …

Is a Woman Leader Possible? Eleanor Roosevelt, Hilary Clinton & Australia’s Prime Minister

 Part I

 ‘This country is no matriarchy, nor are we in any danger of being governed by women,’ wrote Eleanor Roosevelt in a 1940 article published in the US magazine Good Housekeeping. ‘Can a woman be President of the United States?’ she asked, reiterating what she had ‘so often said’:

 ‘At present the answer is emphatically “No”. It will be a long time before a woman will have any chance of nomination or election.’

 She concluded that even if ‘an emotional wave swept a woman into [the presidency], her election would be valueless, as she could never hold her …