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UNRELENTING BACKLASH – Depoliticising Male Violence Against Women: Part 3

The situation concerning pandemic male violence against women and girls is dire because men’s backlash against women has been ongoing for more than two decades. Not only has male violence against women been successfully depoliticised individualism is now dominant wherein men claim that women and men are symmetrically situated and women magically have limitless choices and agency. Each act of male violence against women supposedly happens because the woman made a wrong choice or failed to enact her agency! This ensures the focus is on individual women rather than how society operates whereby male created institutions and structures remain in place and maintain male domination over women.


Fergie and the Funeral

Of all the celebrities that went along [to the funeral of Margaret Thatcher, Sarah Ferguson’s] presence seemed the most apt. Her heyday in the mid-1980s coincided with the zenith of Thatcherism, and the confluence of the two is not surprising. On the contrary, the Duchess of York is one of many examples of women in the royal family coming to epitomize the zeitgeist of their period. Royal women have long served as a heavily gendered repository for the nation’s hopes and aspirations, their public personas becoming inextricably linked with contemporary ideals of femininity. I