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The New Zealand Experience – Renaming, Rebuilding and Social Development

Margaret Wilson Photo: supplied by Margaret Wilson

Margaret Wilson
Photo: supplied by Margaret Wilson

Part 1

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In Australia, thoughtful speakers acknowledge the indigenous owners of the land. New Zealand’s then Attorney General, Margaret Wilson, acknowledged the tengata whenau of Nunagwal Land in her speech in Canberra at the National Labor [1]Women’s Conference, ‘Setting The Agenda’. The following is an edited version of that speech. [2]


Margaret Wilson

…As a feminist who was schooled in the debates surrounding socialist feminism, I still believe that economic independence is the precondition to addressing the inequality experienced by women…I do not apologise for reviewing the past at some …

Women’s Suffrage in Australia


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In 1908 the Woman Suffrage Alliance published Woman Suffrage in Australia by Vida Goldstein.  The document was found in the Baillieu Library by Karen Buczynski Lee who recognised that it could easily be the only copy and needed to be reprinted so that it could be widely available. It is because there are women who recognise the value of such documents – and as importantly do something to ensure the safety of the information they impart – that the walls around  ‘hidden from history’ begin to crumble. The Victorian Women’s Trust then republished the document in …

Ethical Fiction: Essential? Desirable?

Robin Joyce

Part 2

Is ethical fiction ever irrelevant? While an initial response could be

‘Of course fiction should be ethical. Writers should not encourage

racism, sexism or classism. They should not give

credibility to unethical behavior.’



However, what of the Tom Ripley series, Talented Mr. Ripley, Ripley Under Ground, Ripley’s Game, The Boy Who Followed Ripley and Ripley Under Water, by Patricia Highsmith which take the reader into an amoral world. Although in one of the final paragraphs of the first novel Ripley envisions a group of police officers waiting to arrest him, and wonders, “…was he going …

Ethical Fiction: Essential? Desirable? Irrelevant?

‘We often need literature to make our feelings intelligible to us.’
Joanna Trollope, The Rector’s Wife

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Robin Joyce


Part 1

The strong response to a readers’ blog asking for examples of ethical fiction, (1) a list of topics under the title of ethical fiction and recent commentary suggests that ethics in fiction is a matter of interest.

However, it is quite uncommon for mainstream reviewers to use ethics as a criterion in judging fiction. The focus of debate about Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl is unusual. Some see the novel as depicting women in a range of ways …

Do We Need Feminism? I think I’m going to cry …

Reflections on the one-day workshop ‘Do We Need Feminism? Gender inequality, violence and sexism in the present day’


On a wet Monday morning on 1st June, around 60 women and men packed the Glasgow Women’s Library’s new premises for a fascinating series of talks and discussions exploring a wide range of feminist issues relating to both the past and the present day. As a venue, the Glasgow Women’s Library was perfect as it was born from the history and achievements of the Women’s Movement whilst looking forward with its new premises and exciting vision for the future. It was …