Women's History Journal

Women’s History Summer 2015

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Special issue on ‘New Perspectives on Women and the Great War’.


  • Maggie Andrews on Rethinking the significance of the ‘Home’ in the West Midlands Home Front, 4
  • Charmian Cannon on World War in a Hertfordshire Village, 9
  • Mari Takayanagi on Women staff in the ‘Westminster Village’ during the First World War, 12
  • Sarah Pedersen on Ladies ‘doing their bit’ for the war effort in the north-east of Scotland, 16
  • Jane McDermid on The Scottish Women’s Hospitals: fund-raising on the home front, 21
  • Anne Logan on Home and Away: Politics and Suffrage in the First World War, 26
  • Catherine Lee on ‘Quietly and without parade’: women patrollers in South-East England during the First World War, 32

Book Reviews

  • Kevin Allen, Gracious Ladies: The Norbury Family and Edward Elgar. A Chronicle with Documents. Volume One: Genius Has Its Own Rank, Alverstoke, Hampshire: Kevin Allen, 2013, 37
  • Pamela Horn, Country House Society: the Private Lives of England’s Upper Class after the First World War, Stroud: Amberley Publishing, 2013, 37
  • Christina Quinlan, Inside Ireland’s Women’s Prisons, Past and Present, Dublin and Portland, Oregon: Irish Academic Press, 2010, 38
  • Anne McGarry, The Girls who Walked Away. Fairfield girls: their lives and times and the female struggle for equality, Leicestershire: Matador, 2014, 39
  • Christine L. Ridarsky and Mary M. Huth, editors, Susan B. Anthony and the Struggle for Equal Rights, Suffolk and New York: Boydell and Brewer Limited and University of Rochester Press, 2012, 40

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