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Mentia: Mrs Peter Taylor (1810-1908) a radical Liberal Victorian, ‘the mother’ of the English women’s parliamentary suffrage movement

The book acknowledges the contribution of suffragists associated with the contemporaries of Mentia’s husband Peter Alfred Taylor, Leicester Radical Liberal MP. Suffragists in Britain and across the Atlantic dubbed Mentia ‘the mother’ for ensuring Ladies’ London Emancipation Society members signed parliamentary petitions for women’s suffrage. She called the campaign based at Aubrey House the acacia tree party because of the species’ vitality. John Stuart Mill recognised her organisational abilities and engineered her role in the parliamentary suffrage movement.

As Mentia brought the support of radicals from the Anti-Corn Law League and Chartists, as well as followers of Joseph Mazzini, Garibaldi and other European republicans to the campaigns for women’s rights, she guaranteed the participation of the working classes. She maintained both a political and personal correspondence with Mazzini over many years.

Marian Evans was a particular friend and the activities of Peter and Mentia Taylor can be traced in novels by ‘George Eliot’. Indeed, through her Pen and Pencil Club held at Aubrey House, Mentia influenced the flourishing of many well-known 19th century poets and authors

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The fully-indexed book of 228 pages, includes over 30 pages of notes, 11 pages of biographical notes and two family charts.