Claire and Sarah Renee O’Moore
Claire O’Moore sent the following, explaining the video which she and her twin sister, Sarah Renee, created to publicise women’s rights.
Hi There,
I’m sending you a music video that deals exclusively with women’s rights. I have recently directed a Music Video, for my twin sister Sarah Renee. We’re from Ireland and Ireland is currently on the cusp of change with a referendum to Repeal the 8th amendment set to take place this year.
The amendment prohibits abortion. The repeal campaign is still fraught with friction as we cannot guarantee Abortion on Demand, but nonetheless we’re tirelessly campaigning. The Irish Government are treating the Referendum as a complete farce and are in the process of delaying such a momentous movement in favor of the Pope’s visit scheduled, sometime this year.
Irish History has been ravaged by the Church. It’s the Catholic Church, who had full reign of Irish politics. Ireland installed a scheme called the Magdalene Laundries, where ‘fallen’ usually pregnant, unmarried women were sanctioned. These women were subject to the revolting irony of the church, who did everything to humiliate and dehumanize them. Mass Graves are still being uncovered on these convent grounds. A recent find includes over 800 children interred on the Tuam grounds, which was covered up by State and Church.  The Magdalene Laundries closed in 1996. The government’s gross association with the Church continues to outweigh the voice of the people of Ireland.
The Presence of the Eighth Amendment in the Irish Constitution serves as a complete injustice to Irish Women and burdens women with heavy discrimination.
The video is strictly pro-choice and does not digress from it. The story within the video follows Ireland’s tragic past, concealed within the Magdalene Laundries, which draws much more emergency and relevance to the Repeal campaign. The video heightens are need to break from the past and free women’s bodies from Government control.
 It combines the work of the suffragettes, The Women’s Liberation March 1971, and other clips predominately aimed at change.
The video also touches on the Rohingya purge, where Aung San Suu kyi has toyed with the guise of fake news by directing the loss of 125,000 Rohingya people as a hoax. She has failed to protect her people and our age is witnessing an ethnic cleansing that isn’t documented extensively.
Our goal is to share the video in an attempt to promote the campaign and to encourage people to choose solidarity. The video is concise, pressing on the topic effectively. Information is always a worthy ally to combat ourselves with, in this time of change.
I believe it will be in your best interest to share the video on your social outlets to help us rally for change.
Here’s the link:
Hope to hear from you soon.
Kindest Regards,