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Women’s History Network Corona Virus Hardship Fund: Second Call for Applicants

Women’s History Network Corona Virus Hardship Fund: Second Call for Applicants

In the light of the clear demand, and evolving situation, the Women’s History Network steering committee has decided to release more funds for short-term hardship support.

We will be making eight further awards comprising of a one-off payment of £400 to assist historians of women who are suffering financial hardship as a consequence of the Coronavirus. Examples of those who could apply to this hardship fund are:

  • Part-time MA, MPhil or PhD students who have lost part-time work because of the Coronavirus;
  • ECRs / Young academics and workers in heritage industries who have perhaps had Fellowships / contracts postponed or cancelled;
  • Those who are working on part-time or temporary or zero hours contracts in universities or the heritage industries who have lost income as they have had to self-isolate or look after children who no longer in nurseries and schools etc;
  • Independent scholars whose income has suffered due to the virus’
  • Post-graduate students who will need to extend their study because the Coronavirus has prevented visits to archives

Applicants should send an email to in which in no more than 500 words you should provide the following information

  • Your name and email contact details
  • What your current status is – eg a full or part-time post-graduate student, an ECR, part-time tutor, museum or heritage worker etc
  • How you are involved in women’s history?
  • How you have been adversely financially affected by the Corona Virus
  • Please note this is a one-off hardship payment and is not linked to you producing a particular output so this does not need to be discussed.

Please also ensure that your email also indicates that you fulfil all the following criteria:

  • Be involved in women’s history as a post-graduate student, researcher, tutor, part-time lecturer, community, museum or heritage worker
  • Be a resident of the UK
  • Not be employed in a permanent, full-time job
  • Be a member of the WHN or prepared to join the WHN on receipt of funding being awarded

Applications are due by 31st May. We will acknowledge receipt of your application.

Unsuccessful applications from our first round will be automatically considered alongside any new applications received by 31st May, and there is no need to reapply. However, given the speed at which events are currently unfolding, if there is any other relevant information you would like to add to your application, or your situation has changed in anyway, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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