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House of Lords
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A seminar series on women’s rights, challenges, perspectives, hopes and empowerment






Baroness Margaret Prosser chairs our June seminar in the 2017 series: Enormous Changes at the Last Minute – Women, Trump & Brexit. WWAFE – Chair Dr Jocelynne A. Scutt, Cttee Members Ahlam Akram, Dinner Event Organiser, Ian Beckerton, Treasurer & Administrator, continue WWAFE founder Elizabeth Sidney’s work with fundraising dinners, participation in UN CSW, and our House of Lords annual seminar series.

Enormous Changes at the Last Minute is the title of short story volume published by US (and NY) author Grace Paley. Her first book, Silences, addressed the silences occurring in the lives of women writers … a woman writer appears on the scene, then suddenly disappears. Barbara Pym, British novelist, disappeared for a time because her writing became (misguidedly!) ‘unfashionable’. Grace Paley disappeared when she concentrated on raising children. She writes of the varying reasons for women’s ‘silences’. ‘Silences’ because women are not really silent. Rather, changes in women’s lives can render them invisible or less visible to the outside world, or can precipitate them into absolute visibility …

WWAFE’s 2017 seminar series adopts this title because Grace Paley, her writing and perspectives suit the times. Sometimes, as women, our circumstances do result in ‘enormous changes at the last minute’ … just as today’s political world could be described in these terms. The polls and the pundits predicted remaining ‘in’ would be the Brexit referendum outcome. The polls and the pundits predicted the 45th US President as being Hillary Clinton. At the last minute, polls and pundits were proven wrong.

Seminar 2 – June

Wednesday 14 June – Cttee Rm 1 House of Lords, 5.30pm for 6pm-8pm

‘A Mystery, A Mindshift, A Reckoning – Women Overcoming the Odds’


Women are skilled at making and uncovering mysteries. As Freud said, ‘What do women want?’ Albeit famed as a leading psychiatrist indeed ‘the’ leading psychiatrist of his day and his profession – one he almost invented himself – Freud was nonplussed by and about women. Seriously misinterpreting and dangerously misrepresenting, his view fits with a world at war with itself, a world where nothing is stable, nothing apparently real. In this world of false news, where do women stand? How many mysteries have women uncovered – discovering women hidden from history, or uncovering strengths of which we were unaware until we had to call upon them to live, and live well? How have women addressed these discoveries whether of other women, or in ourselves? This seminar series explores such questions through words and vision of women of backgrounds diverse and distinct, yet with the commonality women living in the world – a world of enormous changes.


Terri Dry – Teacher and scholar from Melbourne, Australia

Judy Forshaw – Teacher in film and writing, Anglia Ruskin University

Zareen Taj – Trained radiologist, Parent Governor of Mayfield School and anti- racist activist

Lucky Giirrw – SOAS, PhD Student, Barrister & Solicitor



Please register (providing name and address for House of Lords security purposes only) with Ian Beckerton on the e-mail address which sends this flyer.

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